In the USA, an accident involving an unmanned vehicle Uber

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Eugene Lubnicki


In the USA, an accident involving an unmanned vehicle Uber

Despite the fact that more and more manufacturers equip their cars with artificial intelligence, autopilot system is far from perfect. This is evidenced by the recurrent accidents involving unmanned vehicles.

The other day I had an accident one of the self-driving cars Uber. It happened in the USA in Tempe, Arizona. The first photograph of the accident published by the local edition of Fresco News on Twitter. The photo shows an unmanned version of the Volvo, lying on its side next to another car with traces of the collision.

Uber confirmed the fact of the accident and the authenticity of the picture, however the company representative did not state how many in the vehicle were passengers and whether there are victims among them.

Recall that the start service Uber to transport people in a driverless car since late February of this year.

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