10184 In Ukraine started selling children's programmable robots UBTECH

In Ukraine started selling children’s programmable robots UBTECH

In Ukraine started selling programmable robots UBTECH

Global brand UBTECH Robotics began the sale of a series of educational programmable robots in Ukraine.

The main competitive advantage of educational robots UBTECH is the possibility of extending their functionality through the self service user programming. With UBTECH robots children can from an early age in STEM-principle to learn programming and to further develop their coding skills. STEM direction in education combines a comprehensive study of the natural Sciences (Science), technology (Technology), engineering (Engineering) and mathematics (Mathematics).

Programming robots UBTECH is via free apps for iOS and Android where you can choose the specified levels of difficulty and adjust the various parameters of the robot in an intuitive graphical interface. All programmable robots UBTECH is made of aluminum, eco-friendly PC material and ABS plastic, equipped with a lithium-ion battery, support Wi-Fi interface and Bluetooth.

The range of robotics brand UBTECH includes classic humanoid robots-humanoids and construction sets to build robots, transformers, simulating different types of animals or equipment.

Now in Ukraine presents the models of the humanoid robot Alpha 1 and PRO series of robots ROBOT JIMU.

UBTECH Alpha 1 PRO is a ready — to 40-centimeter humanoid programmable robot. Externally, Alpha 1 PRO resembles futuristic robots, which are portrayed in cartoons or science fiction series.

Thanks to the 16 servo movements robot Alpha 1 PRO fast and accurate: on a flat surface it dances to any music, shows fighting stance, acrobatics, plays football or is involved with your sport. This requires only certain way to program it.

Alpha 1 PRO is ready to use after charging. To control the robot you need to download on a mobile device, a special application (available for iOS and Android). Synchronize the model with your smartphone or tablet is done via Bluetooth connection. By signing up in the app, you can use programs created by other users for Alpha 1 or PRO to share my own. The programming of the robot’s actions using the app is simple enough. A more complex level of coding is done using special software on PC or Mac.

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Series of robots ROBOTS JIMU — a prefabricated robot designers with electro-mechanical parts (servos and motors).

Depending on the configuration JIMU ROBOTS can be assembled in different ways and with varying degrees of complexity. For example, the set JIMU ROBOTS Mini Kit consists of 249 parts, and 4 servos that allows you to personally create and program animal characters. More complex construction sets JIMU ROBOTS Inventor, Explorer, KarBot or TankBot consist of more parts (up to 675 units), servos (up to 16 PCs.), sensors, and provide additional space for imagination and technical skill.

In the process of assembling and programming ROBOTS set JIMU child not only takes your imagination and creativity, but also gets the basic knowledge and practical skills in the field of engineering and modern technology. In addition, handwritten create programmable robots develops children’s curiosity and encourages them to go beyond their existing knowledge sets to search for new methods of solving practical problems.

At each stage of interaction with robots UBTECH, saved game principle that, together with the intuitiveness of all interfaces and connections allows us to cope with the task even budding young technicians and programmers.

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