13452 In uTorrent has a built-in games store

In uTorrent has a built-in games store

Many fans of computer games know what a torrent tracker is almost the main resource for downloading pirated games. Wherefore, the decision of the company BitTorrent, Inc., who is the owner of the application, uTorrent, to integrate the client in a real store licensed games to some will seem like fiction. But it’s true: online store uTorrent Game Store offers a library of licensed games for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

uTorrent Game Store

However, not without pitfalls. First, while in the library uTorrent Game Store are exclusively indie projects like Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and Through the Woods, while the AAA-titles in the client, not at all. Second, the functionality of the store has a lot of criticism: instead of selling a game directly, uTorrent Game Store offers the keys to activate and download from Steam.

uTorrent Game Store

That is essentially Game Store functions as most third-party retailers, but because the full game client be deemed to be not yet. It is obvious that this is another attempt by BitTorrent to earn more money. Earlier, similar experiments BitTorrent to enrichment were not successful. As in 2011, when the torrent client uTorrent for some time was paid. The idea fell through. But how things go from Game Store — only time will tell.

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