15412 Insiders talked about multimedia features, LG V30
Insiders talked about multimedia features, LG V30

Insiders talked about multimedia features, LG V30

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LG is positioning the V-series smartphones as advanced multimedia devices: V10 supported Hi-Fi audio, and V20 was able to record high quality sound when shooting video and got a wide-angle camera. It is expected that soon the company will release LG V30, which will get one of the best cameras on the market. Now, insiders talked about the unique features when shooting photos and video, which will be endowed with a new flagship.

LG V30Unofficial render of the LG V30

Rumors claim that LG will add the option Cine Video, LG-Log, Graphy and the effect of a Live Zoom. Details about new features not yet disclosed. It is also known that the interface of the viewfinder will be similar to that of DSLR cameras and to display the advanced logs and histogram.

On the audio side of the LG V20 was one of the top smartphones, and V30 will continue this trend. The device is equipped with new digital filter Hi-Fi and function of stream in MQA — an opportunity to get uncompressed sound with acceptable for broadcast and download size. Like its predecessor, the V30 will be able to record Hi-Fi sound when shooting video by using internal and external microphones.

LG V30

LG V30 will also be a new DAC with add-ons from Bang&Olufsen. The strategy of LG is to provide the best multimedia experience on the go, so the device will have OLED-display with support for HDR and VR 10 Daydream.

LG announces the V30 is August 31, and September 28, the device will go on sale. It is expected that the period of pre-orders in the US starting on 17 September, and about the availability in other regions information is not received.

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