18126 Insiders believe that the introduction Face ID was not a "plan B"

Insiders believe that the introduction Face ID was not a “plan B”

In a recent presentation, Apple noted that the iPhone X have long been in the plans of the company and its development took a lot of time. While the smartphone was in the build stage, the network had various rumors: for example, initially, the insiders have speculated that the fingerprint scanner in the new integrate with the display, but the manufacturer ran into difficulties and replaced it with a Face ID. We now know that the emergence of a system of face recognition was a planned step, not a forced decision.

Apple iPhone X

At the request of insider John Gruber, Apple decided to use the Face ID at least a year before the iPhone X. meanwhile, plans kupertinovtsy was to embed the fingerprint scanner in the screen, but this idea was “plan B”. Then guess Gruber was confirmed by the engineers who was working on a new smartphone.

Another feature of the iPhone X is a powerful processor A11 Bionic — also was designed long before the release. In a recent interview with Mashable, senior Vice President of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, head of hardware technologies Johny Srouji confirmed that the development of chipset, A11 launched in 2014. We will remind, three years ago, Apple took the first step to the current design of the iPhone 6, but even then, bet on AI technology.

Apple iPhone X

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