18227 Insides #1089: Google Lens, Huawei G10, Google Pixel 2, Cubot F1

Insides #1089: Google Lens, Huawei G10, Google Pixel 2, Cubot F1

In the new issue of Insider: smart watch Cubot F1 are designed for pragmatic users; Google Lens will begin with the release of Pixel 2; Samsung create your mobile camera to take pictures ultrasonicsensor video; Huawei G10 noticed on the official poster.

Smart watch Cubot F1 are designed for pragmatic users

This year, Cubot has decided to pay more attention to wearable devices. Previously, the company has released Cubot bracelet S1, but soon the market will debut a much more functional smart watch Cubot F1. Based on Cubot F1 lies a black metal frame with 1.2 inch FSIN display, which is different brightness and contrast even in bright sunlight. Built-in six-axis accelerometer and a smart chip constantly monitor movement in several planes for the monitoring of sports data. Accurate measurement of heart rate, intelligent recognition the sport is possible even without using a chest strap, so the watch will continuous automatic monitoring of heart rate in real time.

Cubot F1

Cubot F1 IP67 water resistant, so rain and sweat will not harm the electronic “filling”. Because of this Cubot F1 is ideal for sports. The watch is able to perform a number of other tasks: notification of incoming SMS, reminder alarm, notification about messages in social networks, the system countdown to increase efficiency. Haptic feedback will never miss an important notification, so Cubot F1 will remind myself in silence, and during a noisy party.

The design philosophy of the F1 Cubot drawn to nature has a simple yet pragmatic functions, coupled with a classic design from premium materials. It will make your life better and easier, but will not make radical changes in everyday life.

Find out more information about a wearable device Cubot on the official website of the company.

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Google Lens will begin with the output Pixel 2

Already known for certain that Google will introduce 4 Oct new flagship of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. New items will get frameless (perhaps this option will be available only on Pixel XL 2), feature Always-On Display, to the pressure-sensitive edges of the Active Edge port USB Type-C. in addition, output Pixel 2 can start work Google Lens. This special algorithm is able to accurately identify objects in front of the camera of your smartphone and immediately display the relevant information in the browser.

Last week, Google released a new version of the app Google Photos. After a detailed study of the APK file it turned out that the developers have integrated into the application all features of the Google Lens. Interestingly, Google Lens not currently working and probably its launch will coincide with the announcement of a Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Here is the official list of objects that can be recognized by Google Lens:

  • a work of art;
  • barcodes;
  • books;
  • of the building;
  • attractions;
  • cover printed publications (Newspapers and magazines);
  • movies;
  • music albums;
  • pattern;
  • video games.

Google Lens can perform the following actions on the recognized objects:

  • save, call, send or copy the contact information from a business card;
  • translation into other languages;
  • finding the information about the product;
  • opening URLS in a browser;
  • choosing the type of plant or animal;
  • save the date from the image in the calendar.

Samsung create your mobile camera for taking video ultrasonicsensor

Earlier this year, Sony are the first to introduce a mobile Motion Eye camera that can shoot slow motion video with a frequency of 960 fps. the Novelty debuted in smartphones Xperia XZ Premium, XZS and XZ1. The informants from South Korea said that the Semiconductors division of Samsung working on its own camera that will install in the new generation of smartphones Galaxy S. Its key feature will be the possibility of shooting video with a frequency of 1,000 frames/s.

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To achieve a record speed of shooting slow motion videos in Sony combined matrix, the logic Board and memory for storing captured still images into a single three-layer chip. To Samsung, according to rumors, the design will be slightly different: the traditional two-layer chip tie chip DRAM. Apparently, this is done in order not to infringe patents of Sony. The advantage of Samsung is manufacturing all the components, while Sony buys memory chips from the company Toshiba. This inevitably leads to higher camera and smartphone as a whole. It is possible that in Samsung Galaxy S9 Luggage will be made entirely of components of the South Korean vendor without the help of Sony.

Huawei G10 noticed on the official poster

Few days later, on 22 September, Huawei will present a new SmartPad Maimang 6 for the Chinese market or G10 for international. The device will get a 5.9-inch screen with a resolution of 2160×1080 pixels, the processor Kirin 659, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, dual main camera with a resolution of 16+2 MP, dual “frontalka” 13+2 MP, battery capacity of 3 340 mAh, pre-installed Android OS 7.0 Nougat. As confirmation of the upcoming announcement from China sent me this picture of the advertising poster, which shows Huawei Maimang 6, name and key features — a 5.9-inch display.

Huawei G10 Huawei G10

SmartPad needs to virtually frameless. The novelty will be painted in two colors: gold or blue.

Source: 4pda.ru

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