Insiders predict that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 record the amount of RAM

Today for comfortable work in the computer should be around 8 GB of RAM. Manufacturers believe that smartphones should not give in to the computers, so we have seen Nubia Z17 and ASUS ZenFone AR with 8 GB of RAM. In addition, next week their ranks have to fill up 5 OnePlus. It seems that this is not the limit. An insider from China revealed plans Samsung to release new flagship smartphones. According to these data, the South Korean giant intends to establish an absolute record for the amount of RAM in mobile devices.


According to the source, the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 will receive 6 GB of RAM. Also Samsung will release a special version of the Emperor Edition with 8 GB of RAM. Note that in China and Japan have for sale Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Emperor Edition with 8 GB of RAM.

The insider also told about flagships of Samsung, which will be released next year. According to him, Galaxy Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will receive 10 GB of RAM, and Galaxy Note 9 and it will be installed as much as 12 GB of RAM.

Recall that such leaks should be treated with extreme skepticism. Moreover, for the whole year, Samsung may rethink their plans.


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