11424 Insides #976: Microsoft Surface Mobile, OnePlus 5, Aermoo M1, Z1 UMIDIGI

Insides #976: Microsoft Surface Mobile, OnePlus 5, Aermoo M1, Z1 UMIDIGI

In the new issue of Insider: UMIDIGI Z1 will be the most delicate long-lived flagship; smartphone Aermoo M1 with 6 GB of RAM considered from inside; a new smartphone from Microsoft first time seen in the network; 5 OnePlus will present on June 20.

UMIDIGI Z1 will be the most delicate long-lived flagship


Small shell thickness and a sufficient battery capacity is poorly together. The company UMIDIGI collected a small statistics, which reflects the ratio of the thickness of the relevant corps leaders and the capacity of their batteries.

SmartphoneThickness, mmBattery, mAh
Huawei P1073 200
Samsung Galaxy S883 000
OnePlus 3T7,353 400
Xiaomi Mi6Of 7.453 350
Nubia Z177,63 200

According to rumors, the next flagship of OnePlus 5 plans to take the place of the thinner flagship, but UMIDIGI already declared that will soon present UMIDIGI Z1 with a body thickness of 6.95 mm and an impressive battery that will provide long life.


UMIDIGI Z1 makes its debut in two versions: with 6 and 8 GB of RAM. The second model is called UMIDIGI Z1 Pro and costs $499. Smartphone with a standard 6 GB of RAM will be available for $299.

[embedded content]

By the way, before the release UMIDIGI Z1, you can subscribe to a special page and become a party to the action, in which UMIDIGI Z1 will be available at a special discounted price.

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Smartphone Aermoo M1 with 6 GB of RAM considered from the inside

A couple of weeks ago we talked about the smartphone Aermoo M1. Among other ultradeshevyh smartphones, which include this device, the M1 stands out with advanced features and an incredible amount of RAM – 6 GB. Thanks to the engineers from Germany and a streamlined production process in Russia, the phone could be protected by standard IP68, which means protection against ingress of dirt and moisture even when submerged under water 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. Note and impact resistance of the case – his fall on a hard surface in most cases does not lead to breakage or failure. To convince our readers at the advanced level of protection and introduce him to modern industrial design of smart phones, representatives of Aermoo agreed on camera to disassemble the M1 and show how to construct the machine from the inside.

Rear panel Aermoo M1 is made of plastic and attached to the chassis by several screws. Inside it are attached vertically to the rear-facing camera, a fingerprint scanner and NFC. From features immediately catch the eye slots for two SIM-cards and memory cards. Inside Aermoo M1 is hidden eight-core Qualcomm processor, 6 GB RAM, 64 or 128 GB of internal memory, a 21 MP rear camera, 5 battery 580 mAh. Headphone Jack and microUSB ports are covered with plugs.

Aermoo M1 will go on sale in July of this year.


A new smartphone from Microsoft first time seen in the network

On the official Microsoft account in the Chinese social video network Bilibili there was an unexpected leak is a text description of the new device called Surface Mobile. Most likely, we have the same mysterious smartphone for the business segment from redmondovsky company.

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Microsoft Surface Mobile

Description of the device was obtained by translating from the Chinese language, making some moments seem to be not well understood.

Thanks to the mobile platform Qualcomm Snapdragon achieved the perfect balance between performance and power consumption, and increase productivity; the new projector ONTO the TABLE with a Continuum that is designed to work in desktop mode more hours, and 185 degrees for a comfortable work; exclusive stylus Surface Pen, a key tool to call up OneNote and take notes in it. New Peking Surface and Surface Slavonia – not just the wrist terminal is a portable work platform.

Obviously, we are talking about the two versions of Microsoft Surface Mobile on different chips Qualcomm, Snapdragon one of which 835. About stylus support the assumption went a long time, but the information about the embedded projector is relatively new. Probably, the smartphone will be arranged so as to enable the owner to deploy a workstation everywhere, projecting the image on the wall or Desk. Unfortunately, other details were not disclosed, although the existence of such leaks means the approach of the official announcement.


5 OnePlus will present on June 20

Today officially confirmed the date of the announcement of the new flagship OnePlus 5 – June 20.

OnePlus 5

5 OnePlus will have a more compact body compared to OnePlus 3T, but will retain a 5.5-inch Full HD screen. Inside will be installed Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 835, 6 or 8 GB RAM, 128 GB of internal storage, a 23-Megapixel main camera, 16-Megapixel “frontalka”, 3 battery at 300 mAh with quick charge function. Also in a network there was portion of the official Wallpapers that are preinstalled in the OnePlus 5.

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The cost of OnePlus 5 not specified.

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