11631 Insides #979: Moto Z2, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Nubia UI 5.0, Apple vs 32-bit applications

Insides #979: Moto Z2, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Nubia UI 5.0, Apple vs 32-bit applications

In the new issue of Insider: macOS will lose support 32-bit programs in 2018; Moto Z2 with Snapdragon 835 and 4 GB RAM tested in the benchmark; Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will present in the end of August, it became known that the Nubia UI 5.0 “arrive” on the first smartphones.

macOS will eventually lose the support of 32-bit programs

Simultaneously with the release of iOS 11, Apple formally announced the refusal of further support 32-bit applications, devices, and the updated App Store is permitted exclusively 64-bit programs. Starting from January 2018 and the same fate awaits owners of computers on macOS. During one of the sessions 2017 WWDC, Apple announced that macOS High Sierra will be the last version of macOS that can run 32-bit versions of the programs without additional tools.


Starting from January 2018 in the Mac App Store can be downloaded only 64-bit programs, and since June 2018 (expected date of announcement of a new version of macOS) all updates to existing programs must be adapted to the 64-bit platform.


Moto Z2 with Snapdragon 835 and 4 GB of RAM seen in the benchmark

Moto Z2

Last week, Lenovo revealed the first smartphone from the line Z2. They became the game mobile Play Moto Z2, followed by the expected announcement of Moto Force Z2 and Z2 original Moto. The latter was recently spotted in the database benchmark Geekbench. The device runs on Android 7.1.1 and constructed using the OCTA-core chipset Snapdragon 835 paired with 4 GB of RAM.

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Moto Z2

The smartphone scored in synthetic test 1 879 6 and 503 points in single-core and multi-core modes respectively. It’s quite a lot, and the stated frequency of the processor – 1.9 GHz, whereas the maximum available frequency can reach 2,35 GHz.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will present at the end of August

Informed sources said days ago that the new 6.3-inch frameless Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will submit in late August, shortly before the announcement of the iPhone 8, which is traditionally the main rival Korean flagships.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

First it was claimed that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will show on the eve of the Berlin IFA exhibition in 2018, however, the Prime Minister smartpeda too important for the company, so to show it can be allocated a separate date with a large number of guests. For the first time in the line of Note will be submitted to the dual rear camera and the “endless” screen with an aspect ratio of 18.5:9.


Became known, when Nubia UI 5.0 “arrive” on the first smartphones

Chinese vendor ZTE, in addition to the development apparatny mobile solutions, has been creating the original shell on the latest versions of Android. The next version of Nubia UI 5.0 is almost ready and ZTE announced the plans for its release. Launch updates will begin in August, and earlier this month, will launch closed beta testing Nubia Z11.

Nubia UI 5.0

In late summer the first wave of updates will grab smartphones Z17 Mini, Z11, Z11 and Z11 Mini Max. In the second place will be updated Z11 Mini S, Z9, Z9 Mini, Mini Elite Edition Z9, Z9 Max Full Netcom, Mobile, Unicom Max Z9 and Z9 Max Elite.

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In Nubia UI 5.0 appeared animated app icons, for example, “Calendar” and “Weather”. Long press on the icon will bring up a submenu like shortcuts in Android latest versions. It is also expected the emergence of a multi-window mode for the two applications.

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