17769 Instagram integrates with Facebook Stories
Instagram integrates with Facebook Stories

Instagram integrates with Facebook Stories

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Instagram integrates with Facebook Stories

The company plans to integrate Facebook platform Instagram with the function of Facebook Stories.

The first test function vanishing in 24 hours videos and pictures were presented to users of Snapchat. The interest in this opportunity was so great that it attracted the attention of Facebook.

The company has decided to copy the solution and implemented it as to its social network and Instagram on the platform. If in the case of a service that focuses primarily on photos, it seems like a good idea, in the case of Facebook Stories of the case until the situation is not so good. Currently, the bar Stories uses too little users.

Many users had assumed that the function will disappear quickly, but Facebook decided to go the other way. Now the company is testing an option that allows you to publish Stories within the materials available with similar functions to Instagram.

Recently we told you that Instagram now supports landscape and portrait pictures and videos.

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