11225 Installing a new build of Windows 10 disables smartphones

Installing a new build of Windows 10 disables smartphones

It was expected that in the near future Microsoft will release the Windows 10 build for 16203 personal computers and 15220 for mobile devices, but for some reason, for smartphones receiving updates on the Fast Ring, Apple released firmware 16212.1001.rs_iot.170531-1800. As reported by the members, the Assembly breaks the device, turning them into “bricks”.

The installation of the updates causing endless reboot loop, which is interrupted only by a full reset followed by reduction. Of course, such manipulations lead to the loss of information stored on your device.


Victims of a failed upgrade can be not only participants of the program Windows Insider early and late access (Fast Ring and Slow Ring, respectively), but also ordinary regular versions of Windows. And if the first one doesn’t help, then the second is recommended in case of start download update urgently to disconnect the device from the Internet. In that case, if the update is already downloaded and ready to install, you must change the settings in the current year, in order to delay “death” of the device to troubleshoot the problem.

Source: mspoweruser.com

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