iPhone 8 — all the rumors you need to know

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Edward Dvornichenko


iPhone 8 — all the rumors you need to know

iPhone 8 — the tenth smartphone from the company Apple and all of course interested in how it will be and what to expect. We have tried to collect in this article all the rumors that there is today.

May 5, 2017: Leakage of how it will look like the iPhone 8

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On this day the network got the information about how might look like the iPhone 8. As stated in the source from India, it leaked from the factory of Apple. It is known that Apple tested a few designs and we can not confirm whether the latter is the sample, but nevertheless the final design is unlikely to be materially different from those renders that we have. The model you see has dimensions 143,5×70,9×7,7 mm. we can not say exactly is where the fingerprint scanner and the front camera.

What is the name of the next iPhone

Since 2010, Apple names their smartphones alternate without index and with index “S”. However, there were rumours that the company may call the new device iPhone Pro, or even Apple Phone. Also, there is a probability, given that this is the tenth anniversary year since the company began to produce the iPhone that you can call it the iPhone X.

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When will be released iPhone 8

According to statistics, Apple unveils its new devices during a special event which will be held in the first or second Tuesday or Wednesday of September. However, there were many rumors that the company has some difficulties associated with the supply of Touch ID sensors. But now these rumors are disproved, and talking about what the iPhone 8 will begin in October 2017, together with the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus.

How will the new iPhone

Rumor has it that the iPhone 8 will be reduced side and the case itself is made of glass. Changed the location of the dual camera, now it will be vertical, and not horizontal as it was in the iPhone 7.

Detection sensor fingers Touch ID may be located on the back of the device. Other rumours are that the sensor will be located on the front side, but under the screen.

iPhone 8 - все слухи, которые нужно знать

What will be the processor

iPhone 8 - все слухи, которые нужно знать

The processor will be made on the x64 architecture and will be named the Apple A11. Promise that it will be more fast and less battery power. It also needs to be coprocessors to activate the smartphone by voice, and will be gradually introduced artificial intelligence technology and machine learning at the level of the processor.

What will be the screen

iPhone 8 - все слухи, которые нужно знать

According to rumors in the new device screen will be performed on OLED technology and will be slightly curved. Also say that it will be made of plastic, not glass. This is done to improve the technology of 3D Touch.

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iPhone 8 will have a diagonal of 4.7 inch screen and have a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. And his big brother iPhone 8 Plus a diagonal of 5.5 inches with a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels.

Will iPhone 8 waterproof?

The iPhone 7 is protected under the standard IP67 protection. This protection class can save from accidental splashing, wet hands, rain, but to swim with him in any way was impossible.

There are rumors that a new one will be made according to the standard IP68, that in addition to all of the above will allow the smartphone to dip at a shallow depth. It will be interesting, for example, fans of an underwater photo and video shooting.

Please also read the network leaked the first pictures of the new iPhone SE.


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