Looking for alternatives, wireless headphones Apple AirPods

Looking for alternatives, wireless headphones Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods are some of the best super compact wireless headphones on the market. They are stylish, takes up minimal space and provide loud and quality sound at medium and high frequencies. But whether Apple AirPods competitors? Of course there is. They have similar design and functionality, and are thus several times cheaper. How good alternative to Apple AirPods in terms of convenience and sound quality? Let’s see!

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Samsung Gear IconX

Ищем альтернативы беспроводным наушникам Apple AirPods - Samsung Gear IconXSamsung Gear IconX is a direct alternative to the AirPods headphones from the main South Korean rival of Apple. These headphones represent a wireless in-ear headphones, which are very well kept in the ears and provide good sound quality. Samsung Gear IconX may be relevant for athletes, as they are able to perform the functions of a fitness tracker.

Key features headphone Samsung Gear IconX:

  • — available in several colors and three sizes (S, M, L);
  • — have a clever design, are securely held in the ears;
  • — are protected from splashes and sweat (the use of nano-coating P2i);
  • — can function as a fitness tracker (automatic recognition training, tracking, metrics);
  • — the “background Sound” keep aware of what is happening around, ensures the audibility of sounds from the outside;
  • — has a built-in mp3 player and flash memory 4 GB;
  • — includes pouch-battery pack;
  • automatic activation and synchronization;
  • — compatible with Android 4.4 (Kitkat) and above;
  • — price – 3499 UAH.

Motorola Verve Ones+

Ищем альтернативы беспроводным наушникам Apple AirPods - Motorola Verve Ones+At first glance, these wireless headphones are a good analogue of Apple AirPods, but upon closer acquaintance they may disappoint users with its incompleteness. However, headphones Motorola Ones Verve+ convenient to use during outdoor sports, as they do not fall out of your ears.

Key features headphones Motorola Ones Verve+:

  • — increased radius of action up to 45 meters.
  • — the ability to listen to music and stay in touch;
  • — 6 customizable sound profiles;
  • — set includes a case with a charging;
  • — several pairs of silicone ear cushions for ideal fit;
  • headphones protected from moisture and dust according to standard IP57;
  • — the most simplified connection to smartphones, tablets;
  • — price – $249

Erato Apollo 7

Ищем альтернативы беспроводным наушникам Apple AirPods - Erato Apollo 7It is a compact wireless headset, which harmonize perfectly with the iPhone in their color palette. Erato Apollo 7 fit well in the ears and can be used as a headset.

Key features headphone Erato Apollo 7:

  • — stylish design. Available in several top colors;
  • — set includes a case with the possibility of charging;
  • — in active mode, working up to 3 hours;
  • — simple connection;
  • — built-in microphone that allows you to use the headphones for calls.
  • — excellent protection from moisture (IPX5);
  • — price — about $300.
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Jabra Elite Sport

Ищем альтернативы беспроводным наушникам Apple AirPods - Jabra Elite SportHeadphone Jabra Sport Elite guarantee an excellent sound quality of both music and speech. The manufacturer is positioning these earphones as a sports model. Users do not have to use two of the ear – you can wear just one.

Key features of Jabra Sport earphones Elite:

  • — sit securely in your ears;
  • headphones monitor athletic performance (“Personal trainer”);
  • — work in a mode of conversation or music playback up to 3 hours;
  • — protected against water according to IP67 standard (perhaps immersion in water to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes);
  • — support devices running operating systems Android and iOS;
  • — price – about $250.

Bragi Dash

Ищем альтернативы беспроводным наушникам Apple AirPods - Bragi DashBragi Dash is one of the best alternatives AirPods with great design and functionality. Designers tried to make the headphones the most stylish and ergonomic. We should also note that the Bragi Dash have a jumper between the headset and are equipped with a rather unusual case.

Key features headphone Bragi Dash:

  • — represent a mini-PC and contain a large number of built-in sensors (sensor 27);
  • — is able to inform the user of performance during training;
  • — with a 32-bit processor;
  • — charging time up to 2 hours;
  • — headphone – up to 4 hours;
  • — allow you to measure the heart rate;
  • — led indicators;
  • — can activate the mode to recognize external sounds;
  • — headphones can be controlled using head movements;
  • — protection from water the ability to dive to a depth;
  • — option to sync data with Google Fit and Apple Health;
  • — built-in memory 4 GB;
  • — compatible with devices running operating systems iOS and Android;
  • — the availability of case with charge;
  • — price – $299. There is a “stripped down” functionality version of the Headphone for $149.

Dacom 7S X1

Ищем альтернативы беспроводным наушникам Apple AirPods - Dacom 7S X1These headphones are called “clone” Apple AirPods, and in fact this accessory is fake. Headphones have a very typical and similar to the AirPods design and are equipped with case with charger.

Key features earphone Dacom 7S X1:

  • — can be used for listening music and for calls.
  • — work with Siri;
  • unlike brand AirPods do not have built-in sensors;
  • — no automatic recognition of headphone, there is no automatic pause in the case of pulling out the earpiece from ear;
  • — able to work in standby for up to 5-6 days;
  • — radius of operation up to 20 meters;
  • — synced with any phone;
  • — price – about $20.


Ищем альтернативы беспроводным наушникам Apple AirPods - KanoaKanoa headphones do an excellent job with its direct “duties”. Fit well in my ears, pretty light and have no wires.

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Key features headphone Kanoa:

  • — excellent ergonomics;
  • — reliable fixation, good fit;
  • — sound quality;
  • — allow to listen to music, but to talk about it;
  • — work in listening mode up to 4 hours in talk time up to 1.5 hours;
  • — charging to 100% is 90 minutes;
  • — protected against spray and dust;
  • — price – $199.

Doppler Labs Here One

Ищем альтернативы беспроводным наушникам Apple AirPods - Doppler Labs Here OneAnother in-ear headphone without wires, which have the ability to make phone calls.

Key features headphone Doppler Labs the One Here:

  • — transparency external sounds with a high quality basic sounds;
  • — smart noise reduction system;
  • — have the ability to access Siri and Google Now;
  • — price – about $300.

Onkyo W800BT

Ищем альтернативы беспроводным наушникам Apple AirPods - Onkyo W800BTWireless in-ear headphones that do not have a connecting cable-jumper. For a comfortable fit to the user available a variety of silicone pads and retainer. Do not fall out during workouts in the gym.

Key features headphone Onkyo W800BT:

  • — built-in microphone that allows you to use the headphones as a headset;
  • — there is no option to manage your music directly by using the headphones;
  • — the availability of case with built-in charging with indicator lights;
  • — detailed sound, high quality sound;
  • — operating time in a mode of listening to music up to 12 hours;
  • — price – about $300.

Meizu EP-51

Ищем альтернативы беспроводным наушникам Apple AirPods - Meizu EP-51Wireless sports stereo headset with a relatively low price, unusual design and good sound. Meizu EP-51 very light, which makes it comfortable to use them during sporting activities. There is a connecting jumper.

Key features headphones Meizu EP-51:

  • — bright design;
  • — comfortable fit in the ears due to exchangeable nozzles;
  • — working distance up to 10 meters from the source;
  • — protection from moisture and sweat;
  • micro Hi-Fi speakers, sound processing technology DSP technology Apt-X for improved sound transmission;
  • built — in magnets providing a convenient “carrier” headphone at the moment when they are not being used;
  • — operating time in a mode of listening to music is 6 hours, in the mode of active standby 45 hours;
  • — compatible with devices running operating systems Android and iOS;
  • — price – about $50.

Etekcity Roverbeats S1

Ищем альтернативы беспроводным наушникам Apple AirPods - Etekcity Roverbeats S1Headphones Etekcity Roverbeats S1 is not available such as Meizu, but their price is much less than the headphones Apple AirPods. Users get a decent sound transmission and increased battery life.

Key features headphone Etekcity Roverbeats S1:

  • — simple and stylish design;
  • — work in two times longer than Apple AirPods;
  • — automatic switching between the synced devices;
  • — the connecting wire between the headset;
  • — you can only buy on the us market. Price is about $35.

JBL Reflect BT Mini

Ищем альтернативы беспроводным наушникам Apple AirPods - JBL Reflect Mini BTJBL Reflect BT Mini is a great alternative to the AirPods sound. These wireless headphones available on the market in several colors – black, turquoise, blue and red.

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Key features headphone JBL Reflect BT Mini:

  • there are silicone tips for comfortable fit in ears of different sizes;
  • — you have a case, but it is used only for the purposes of carrying;
  • — radius of action – up to 10 meters from the sound source;
  • — able to operate continuously up to 8 hours;
  • — average price – $100.

Scosche Sportclip Air

Ищем альтернативы беспроводным наушникам Apple AirPods - Scosche Sportclip AirWireless headphones that are ready to provide premium sound. Convenient to use during workouts, running, etc. are Easy to configure and have easy control.

Key features headphone Scosche Sportclip Air:

  • — available in three colors;
  • protected from sweat and moisture;
  • — ability to adjust the headphones for different ears;
  • — provide up to 7 hours of continuous operation;
  • — internal antimicrobial liners to protect from bacteria;
  • — price — about $100.

Syllable D900S

Ищем альтернативы беспроводным наушникам Apple AirPods - Syllable D900SMany call Syllable D900S stylish and comfortable wireless headphones. They are presented in several colors, however the design is not suitable for everyone.

Key features headphone Syllable D900S:

  • — cordless and very compact;
  • — place liners can quickly become loose and fall out;
  • — on the headphone through the use of glossy plastic, fingerprints;
  • — absence of background noise during music playback;
  • — up to 4 hours of active work;
  • — working time in standby mode up to 90 hours;
  • — the approximate time required for charging the headphones is about 2 hours;
  • — work within a radius of 10 meters from the source;
  • — there is a storage pouch (for charging cannot be used);
  • — the system is protected against moisture and splashes (IPX4);
  • — relatively low price – about $70.


Ищем альтернативы беспроводным наушникам Apple AirPods - EarinOption of wireless headphones-plugs that do not have jumpers. Earin very light and barely perceptible in the ears. Headphones ensure high quality sound and have excellent acoustic detail.

The main features of the headphones Earin:

  • — high-quality detail high and low frequencies;
  • protection from moisture by standard IP54;
  • — very light weight;
  • — ability to work in active mode up to 3 hours;
  • — the absence of a microphone allows you to use the headphones for phone calls;
  • — the presence of case-charging;
  • — price – $199.


In this article, we considered 15 alternatives, wireless headphones Apple AirPods. Each of them have their advantages and disadvantages, but even the “Apple” of headphones can not boast of a perfect sound.

Unfortunately, from wireless earbuds you can’t require audiophile sound, however, if you prefer an ultra-compact speaker, and for some reason do not want to buy Apple AirPods, we recommend you to pay attention to models: Samsung Gear IconX, Jabra Sport Elite, Bragi Dash, the Meizu EP-51, Earin and the JBL Reflect BT Mini. These headphones seemed the most comfortable and high quality.

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