iStorage datashur one PRO: the secret will remain secret


Each of us risks leaving the flash drive with important and personal information. Just imagine that in the wrong hands will get scans of your documents, electronic signature or developments relating to trade secret or intellectual property. You can encrypt your files manually, but it is difficult and eliminates the possibility to quickly access files in other PCs. IStorage company came up with a solution that you don’t need to think about safety and nothing to know about encryption — everything works automatically and on the fly. We are talking about the USB flash drive datashur one PRO who is not afraid of any hacker attacks or aggressive environment.

iStorage Datashur Pro iStorage Datashur Pro


Appearance and physical protection

In an age of global miniaturization datashur one may seem too cumbersome if you evaluate it as a flash drive. But it’s not flash, but a miniature box for the data — even with the “combination lock”: the casing is the manufacturer was able to place 10 numbered keys and the multifunction button with the key image. In addition, the keys labeled with the letters of the Latin alphabet — they are useful mnemonic for remembering passwords. At the top and bottom of the keyboard are three LEDs that indicate modes of operation of the gadget.

iStorage Datashur Pro iStorage Datashur Pro

Housing stick made of a nice soft touch plastic, and the included case is made out of aluminum. When inserted in the case, datashur one is protected by the standard IP57. This gives the device the ability to not be afraid of no dust, no drops in water to a depth of one meter. In the “eye” datashur one threaded metallic ring for mounting, which is unnecessary can be easily removed.

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iStorage Datashur Pro iStorage Datashur Pro

All control drive is carried out via the integrated keypad. For example, to remove a lock, click the “Key” to enter the code and click again on “Key”. This sequence is easy to remember, but when performing other operations (for example, password change), it is better to consult the manual.



iStorage datashur one supports the USB 3.0 standard and is offered in different versions, from 8 to 64 GB of memory. 4PDA for testing got the drive with an advertised capacity of 8 GB, in fact it is available is 7.2 GB. It’s a bit on the background of modern polterabayta USB flash drive datashur one but it is not for libraries, and for storing private documents and non-disclosure of information — all usually doesn’t. The manufacturer claims that for corporate use, datashur one acquire not only ordinary commercial firms and financial sector companies, and research organizations. However, to appreciate that the flash drive can anyone, at least — as a reliable storage of important information.


How is data encryption?

File encryption datashur one is a 256-bit key for the standard CBC-AES, and the gadget is certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and FIPS PUB 197. As with any method of encryption, choose 256-bit key is possible, but only if you have a fleet of supercomputers and lead time approaching infinity, even by the standards of the Universe. No wonder it was such an encryption standard adopted to protect the most important information the U.S. government.

And what if to try to crack the password on the built-in keyboard? In the instruction manual stated that there are exactly 10 attempts of incorrect password input, then the data on the drive will be destroyed forever. But if you force the computer to spy on you? Does this: because the password entered directly on the drive, keyloggers and other spy programs will be powerless.

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iStorage Datashur Pro

Encryption happens “on the fly” directly when copying data with a computer datashur one no different from the usual stick — it requires no drivers or additional software datashur one will work the same on any platform, be it Windows, macOS, Linux or even Android smartphone. Thanks to its integrated battery, to operate the device using different combinations of buttons are possible even when the drive is not inserted into the USB port. The battery capacity is not reported, but it is possible not to worry — charging will occur upon any connection of the gadget to the PC.

iStorage Datashur Pro

Drive datashur one was simple and, at the same time, reliable solution to protect important information. Due to the fact that files are encrypted “on the fly” directly by the drive, this process is not visible to the user and allows you to use the datashur one on any computer or even a smartphone, regardless of what operating system it is running. If you suddenly lose the flash drive or it gets into the wrong hands, you can be assured that your information will not be read by an unauthorized user, and the password directly from the built-in keyboard, the device gives the confidence of protection against key loggers. All this makes the iStorage datashur one PRO reliable and convenient means of protection of information not only for companies or business executives, but for ordinary people like you and me who are not ready to entrust their personal documents and data unprotected drives and, especially, to send them over the Internet.

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The official representative of iStorage in Russia provides a 10% discount on all models of drives datashur one of the promocode “4PDA”.

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