Story frames: the 10 most insane starts sales

The official start of sales of the new iPhone X is scheduled for 3 November, but from the evening of 1 November in Moscow, near of re:store on Tverskaya street began to gather fans of “Apple” products. A day later, there were already several hundred people. And even freezing is not able to stop their insane desire to be the first users of new arrivals. Well, or to sell your place for a tidy sum. 4PDA decided to recall what sort of products people were lined up in long queues and for several days camped out at the stores.

Apple iPhone XPhoto from Instagram account of a user ilyamorozov1981

This year the start of sales of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus was surprisingly quiet, but now this was the explanation — everyone was waiting for the iPhone X that in the next few months will be to get not so simple. According to our data, in line for iPhone anniversary in Moscow is already about five hundred people and is expected to launch on 3 November they will be even more.

Apple iPhone 7

It would seem that the queue for the iPhone X is related to the fact that this is the first frameless smartphone Apple created in honor of the tenth anniversary of the release of the original iPhone, but this situation is repeated from year to year. Suffice it to recall last year’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and a huge queue at the GUM shopping centre on red square in Moscow.

Apple iPad

But not only for iPhone Apple fans willing to stand in mile-long queues. April 3, 2010 in new York city on Fifth Avenue gathered an incredible amount of people who want to buy or at least touch a few months earlier presented the first iPad.

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In addition, Apple is another company with a huge army of loyal fans — Xiaomi. But if the U.S. Corporation collects queue only to debut new devices, Xiaomi can attract the attention of hundreds of people, just opening another store Mi Home in China.

PlayStation 3

The night of 10 on January 11, 2006 in Japan were accompanied by huge queues across the country. Thousands of gamers were willing to spend the night on the street, eager to get a PlayStation 3. And even the news that the first day sales will be available only 80,000 consoles hasn’t stopped the fans. In Akihabara, about 01:30 local time, fifteen hundred people had to be sent from the streets to the underground garage that morning they did not stop traffic.

Sony PlayStation Vita

But not only the “big” console of Sony was collecting a huge queue. At the start of sales of the portable PlayStation Vita December 17, 2011 at the Yodobashi Camera store in the same Tokyo district of Akihabara have gathered about 600 gamers. Another three hundred were waiting for the opening of the store Bic Camera in the Ikebukuro area.


But it looked like a turn in one of the American shops in the night from 16 to 17 September 2013. Hundreds of gamers came to buy the long-awaited fifth part of Grand Theft Auto. Such a queue was observed around the world, making the first day it sold 11 million copies of the game. In the end GTA V has broken seven Guinness world records.

Pokemon Omega Ruby

At midnight on 21 November 2014 thousands of people lined up in Australia and New Zealand to be the first to buy a portable console New Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL and two games — Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.

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Splatoon 2

21 July this year, the release of the second part of the multiplayer shooter Splatoon for Nintendo hybrid console Switch. In Russia, many did not know about this event, but in Japan, this day was an incredible rush. Friday, the working day, however, thousands of shoppers lined up in kilometer queue in shops. Gamers fly off the shelves like the game Splatoon 2 and Nintendo console Switch.

Чёрная пятница

One of the largest and most horrific queues are observed annually in the United States at the end of November. We are talking about the famous “Black Friday”, when stores arrange large-scale sales. Thousands of users for a couple of minutes sweep technique from the shelves, often buying several TVs, consoles, laptops, etc. Many are preparing for this event for a year.


And finally, the most interesting. Yesterday, November 1, the American team of comic improvisers Improv Everywhere pranked the people of new York, staged on the street. They set up a fake Apple Store, attached to the Elevator of the subway station in Manhattan’s logo is a bitten Apple, and built a queue of several dozen actors depicting wanting to buy the new iPhone X. Some people have led to the provocation, too, and stood in line. Dostoevskij turn for a surprise, an empty box of new items.


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