ISY Block — a “smart” filter unwanted calls and messages

People just love to call at the most inopportune moment. Sometimes, home to invite his girlfriend, and everything is going well: you enjoy the rolls, slowly draining the bottle of wine and now ready to burst into tears again sinking of the Titanic. And then calling a colleague, who out of boredom took it into his head to discuss the upcoming project. But you don’t know, maybe something happened? Pick up the phone, and the moment passed, the night is ruined, and the girl is going home. An unfortunate situation, isn’t it? To avoid this happening, was established ISY Block.

Platform: Android

Version: 4.0.8

Russian interface: Yes

Requirements: Android 4.1 or higher

Category: Communication

Inappropriate calls and messages is the source of the trouble: half of last year’s cases of divorce the main role played by smartphones, ringing for the wrong time. But no less obsessive fans annoy the sellers of insurance policies, sociologists or SMS advertising shops. That nice, if they distract the meeting or during the exam?

ISY Block protects the personal space of the user from inappropriate intrusion. Initially, the developers have created an app to block calls from annoying friends. But a month later it became clear that people avoid not only them. Another headache — promotional calls and messages. Therefore, since the publication of the previous review , the program learned to block messages and calls from short numbers.

ISY Block ISY Block

Now ISY Block received addition to blocking SMS ISY Messenger. This add-on that blocks SMS regardless of calls from the same number. For example, you can block calls, but can receive SMS. Or Vice versa.

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ISY Block ISY Block

Old features improved. Application blocks calls from specific numbers, all incoming calls from hidden or uncertain numbers and international calls. Staff offices will assess a blocking schedule of all activities and enable silent mode on a schedule. Contacts are blocked totally and separately for rooms and all blocked calls stored in the history. Works and the function for real spies — lock using messages from the operator. Turn it on, and the operator will tell the caller that your number is no longer in service.

ISY Block

With all the richness of the settings app is not blocking the contact groups from the phone book. I hope that this feature will appear soon.

But good works “password”: if the partner or the children will pick up the phone, they will not be able to view your history of blocked calls and messages. An added bonus — a choice of color themes.

ISY Block ISY Block

The app is free and without ads. To thank the developers through in-app purchase. The amount of gratitude at your discretion.

ISY Block — application to preserve mental equilibrium. The program relieves people from the past, new services taxi and the annoying food delivery services. Her simple interface, you can master it in just a single minute. There is a filter function on a schedule and automatically enable silent mode. ISY Block works quickly and clear. We can recommend it to everyone.


  • blocking calls and messages with these short numbers;
  • filtering international calls and hidden subscribers;
  • the schedule of a blocking activity;
  • auto enable silent mode.
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  • you cannot block a contact group.

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