JVC Marshmallow – a new line of inexpensive Bluetooth headphones

Japanese company JVC introduced a new line of inexpensive Bluetooth headphones Marshmallow. It includes five models: HA-FX39BT, HA-ET50BT, HA-EC30BT, HA-HA and S190BT-S90BT. They differ in design and form factor, so everyone can choose the option according to your preferences. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not mention the detailed specifications of the headphones. Only known value: the most affordable model will cost $49,95.


JVC Mashmallow HA-FX39BT wireless headphones are the first line of Marshmallow in the form factor of the rim, which is worn on the neck. The cost is $49,95. Model HA-ET50BT and HA-EC30BT oriented for sports. The first is made in the form factor of the ear and the second ear ear. Both pairs of headphones water resistant and features a magnetic fastening to keep the headphones together when not in use. The cost of HA-ET50BT is $79,99, and HA-EC30BT – $of 59.95. JVC also introduced the model HA-S190BT, which is available in five colors and will cost $49,95.


JVC HA-S90BT is the flagship model in the line of Marshmallow. It is known that they can work 20 hours with noise canceling function and Bluetooth connection, 24 hours otklucheni via Bluetooth with the function of noise cancelling and up to 40 hours when connected by wire and without noise reduction.


The estimated cost of JVC HA-S90BT is $149,95.

Source: theverge.com

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