How to clean the kettle from scale

How to clean the kettle from scale

The kitchen can not do without such a necessary device, such as a kettle. Someone like, uh, someone electric. Regardless of what design has your kettle from time to time in its inner surface, a plaque that must be cleaned. For help in this matter you can contact the special chemicals or find natural cleaning agents in your kitchen cupboard.

Как очистить чайник от накипи - профилактикаIn order for your favorite kettle was always clean and tidy condition, to care for them you need to follow some preventive recommendations.

Make it a rule at the end of each day to wash the kettle and clean it with a thin coating with a soft sponge. Be careful with the water that is poured into the pot, because the normal water from the tap — not the best option, as your body and kettle.

Как очистить чайник от накипи – чистая водаFilling device initially purified from heavy metals and other impurities the water, You will see that the scale on its walls is formed much slower.

Do not fill the kettle with water up to the top, if you do not need so many, because after each boiling water from the kettle should be drained completely, in any case, not using it again.

Trying different methods of cleaning and preservation of the kettle clean, don’t forget about the professional tools that not only help to prevent plaque formation, but also facilitate its further removal.

Как очистить чайник от накипи - лимонCitric acid is a great remedy that gently and effectively cleans the bottom and walls of the kettle from the middle layers of plaque. This one simple substance can be cleaned from scale any pots: enameled, stainless steel, ceramic, electric, plastic, or glass.

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Как очистить чайник от накипи – лимонная кислотаAll you need to do, is to take one pack of citric acid (25-30 g powder), fill the contents into the kettle, cover with water and boil. After conducting this procedure, make sure that the plaque disappeared otherwise carefully clean the inside surface of device plastic brush. Metal and any other hard washcloth to remove plaque is not suitable, since it is easy to scratch the surface of the kettle.

 Как очистить чайник от накипи – свежий лимонIf you don’t have citric acid, it easy to replace fresh lemons. Cut into large slices one or two of lemon, boil them in the kettle and do not remove until cool. Then do everything the same as with citric acid.

Как очистить чайник от накипи – уксусная кислотаIf You have not cleaned your cooking utensils and it has formed a thick layer of limescale, one of citric acid will not be enough. In this case, require a stronger cleaning agent — vinegar.

Как очистить чайник от накипи – накипьKettle approximately two-thirds must be filled with water and one third vinegar. The resulting mixture bring to boil and allow to cool. After a few hours, making sure the contents were cooled, the water can be drained and the kettle to thoroughly rinse the residue from the scale. If after this procedure You still see on the bottom and the walls of the device is a RAID event the cleaning should be repeated. Before using the kettle for its intended purpose be sure to boil it a couple of times with clean water to get rid of the peculiar smell of vinegar.

Как очистить чайник от накипи - содаEvery housewife knows that in the fight against the scum in the most effective and fast-acting remedy is baking soda and vinegar essence. Procedure clean the kettle with the help of these funds so simple and clear that it will be able to perform even the young mistress. Clean kitchen appliance can do not delay other things in the kitchen. For this you need three components: baking soda, water and acetic essence 70%.

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Follow the cleaning procedure step by step:

  1. Fill the kettle with water
  2. Sprinkle baking soda at the rate of 2 teaspoons per 1 liter of water
  3. Boil water
  4. Do not pour it at once, and allow to stand for 10-15 minutes
  5. The second time fill the kettle with water, in addition to the soda, pour into it 1 teaspoon of vinegar per 1 liter of water
  6. Again turn on the kettle and bring to a boil
  7. Drain the water

Как очистить чайник от накипи – чайник кипитA soft brush or cloth to gently wipe the inner walls and the bottom of the kettle from the remnants of the plaque and scale. If You found that to completely remove pollution from the first time failed to re-fill the kettle with water, add soda with vinegar and boil. In the end, thoroughly rinse the kettle under running water – your kitchen appliance shines like new!

Как очистить чайник от накипи – чистый чайникPlease note that this procedure uses acetic essence 70% (concentrated solution), which has more odor resistant than regular vinegar. If you have children or asthma, make sure that during the cleanup activities of the kettle they were in another room or in a remote room. Immediately after the procedure, open the Windows and let some fresh air in your home.

Как очистить чайник от накипи – чистящие средстваTo clean the kettle from stagnant plaque can not only using natural ingredients, but also special cleaning products. They are available for purchase at any division of household chemicals and is intended for cleaning samovars, coffee makers and kettles. The main active ingredient in all cleaners are different acids.

Clean kitchen utensils with these substances is quite easy and simple. All you need to do, respecting certain proportions specified in the instructions to dissolve the substance in water and bring it to a boil. After such simple actions, the scale becomes loose and easily detaches from the surface of the kettle.

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Then kitchen appliance, rinse, fill to the top with water, boil and pour contents. This procedure will help get rid of waste chemicals within cleaning products, which when ingested, can harm.

Как очистить чайник от накипи – чайникA thick layer of limescale on the surface of the kettle prevents the rapid heating of the water, causing You consume a greater amount of gas and electricity. Another reason, which is very important to deal with bloom, is that it can contribute to burnout of the heating element in the kettle. And, perhaps, one of the most powerful arguments — hard deposits spoil the quality and taste of water, so it’s important from time to get rid of.

To clean the kettle in the home is not occupied from you a lot of time and effort, do not forget about daily preventive measures to eliminate plaque.

For cleansing kitchen appliance there are many various means, both natural and synthetic origin. If you use the tested recipes in this article, your favorite kettle will always Shine with cleanliness and delight in their work as long as possible.

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