How to hunt for discounts on GearBest?

All know and love AliExpress, as a major marketplace with a huge selection of products at low price, but it is not the only such Chinese store. Interesting prices — often even more interesting — can be found on GearBest. However, here the ways to hunt for maximum benefit are slightly different from what you might be used to “Ali”. But if you master them, you can purchase the products with real discount. And to make it easier we have prepared a detailed manual.

Specifics of sales at GearBest

Unlike other well-known stores, discounts and offers on GearBest not last for days or even weeks. Goods with favorable price limited in number, the time of sale or time and quantity immediately. Here for example, is the promotional price of smart watch Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Watch on GearBest in comparison with lowest price on AliExpress. As you can see, the benefit is about 20%.

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Watch

A similar situation is with the smart pilesosov iLife.


How to get a discount?

Numerous sites and groups in social networks with data on stock — this information is “second hand”. With restrictions on the duration and the number of coupons is not the most suitable option for skilled bargain hunter, the most interesting “trophies” go away quickly. More profitable to receive information about promotions directly from GearBest. Here are three ways (in ascending order of speed):

  • to subscribe by email on the front page (at the bottom);
  • subscribe to the official channel GearBest Telegram;
  • from time to time to browse the shares on the official website GearBest.
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The last option is the fastest. Next, let’s see, where to GearBest to look for discounted products. Just note that the website is available in Russian language only partially, and with the help of Google Translate. Switching to Russian, be prepared to slow down in portal and the most amazing names of menu items and products. We orientirueshsya English interface.

The section “Flash Sale → Daily Deals”

Section I Daily Flash Sale Deals are updated daily, displaying all promotional products collected by category. To find the most interesting proposals, we recommend you to sort them by popularity among users (Hottest) and the size of the discount (Discount).

The section “Flash Sale → $0,99 Zone”

Collected here are cheap goods worth $0,99, $1,99, $2,99, $3,99 or the $4.99. In this section you can buy all kinds of useful small things for the house, interesting accessories and fun knick-knacks.


As you can guess by the title of the section, it contains the discounted products available only for pre-order. Of course, you have to wait for the release of the device and its delivery, but the prices are lower. This is a good way to save on the purchase.

“Black Friday”


Specifically to the “Black Friday” and “cyber Monday” on GearBest run the appropriate section. It contains all the proposals dedicated to this colourful event. The shop made a selection of the most popular products among the users and reduced the price for products of different popular brands. For example, the device Xiaomi is available at a discount of 8%. In addition, all promotional items are divided into categories:

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The section is updated regularly, so follow him in search of interesting proposals.

“Mega Vouchers”


Another section on GearBest to the “Black Friday” — Mega Vouchers. The store offers a fixed discount on orders over a certain amount. So, for the purchase of $50 you can get a discount of $10, from $150 — $30, and if the amount of your order exceeds $300, you will receive a discount of as much as $50. It is important to note that all coupons are only presented in this section products.


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