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How to prepare your iPhone for sale

As you know, the 12 September event of Apple, which will show not only the iPhone but also much more. If you are already looking forward to this event and intend to sell your “old” iPhone 7 or iPhone 6, then this material will be very useful.

Today we’ll show you how to prepare your smartphone for sale. And this case should be treated seriously, otherwise your data (contacts, photos, documents) can be available to the future owner of your iPhone.

Step 1: Remove your Apple Watch

Before you sell your smartphone, unplug the Apple Watch to easily connect them to your new smartphone. Of course, this can be done later. But if you don’t do it immediately, then you will have to sweat a little. So:

  • — Start the Watch app on your smartphone
  • — Go to the tab “My watch” and choose your model
  • — Click the “Information” it looks like the letter “i” in a circle
  • — Then click “unpair Apple Watch”
  • — Confirm the connection to your watch. For this you may need to enter the password from the Apple ID. Before complete rupture of the pair will create a backup of the Apple Watch.

Отключение Apple Watch от iPhone

Step 2: Make a backup of the contents of the smartphone

For this there are two ways, one is through the phone itself via iCloud, with the help of a program iTunes on your PC.

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If you have previously enabled content backup via iCloud, then whenever you connect to Wi-Fi smartphone automatically made a backup of the new content. But just in case this can be done independently.

  • — Open the menu item “Settings” and click on your account you want to sync
  • — Select iCloud
  • — Activate the line “Backup in iCloud”
  • — A little below, click “Create backup”. Do not disconnect from Wi-Fi network before the end of the process.


  • — Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC running Windows
  • — Open iTunes
  • — Select your device in the program interface
  • — In the lower right corner click on the “Create backup now”
  • — If you need to save data from Health and Activity, you must create an encrypted backup. To do this, select the check box next to “Encrypt backup iPhone”

Step 3: log out of your iCloud account

After you have done all the above steps, you must log out of your iCloud account. This is to ensure that nobody will be able to access your account and backup.

  • — Open the menu item “Settings”
  • — Go to “iCloud”
  • At the very bottom, find the “Exit” option (in older versions of iOS can be written “Delete account”)


Step 4: Reset iPhone to factory settings

  • — Open the menu item “Settings”
  • — Select the menu item “Main”
  • — The menu item “Reset”
  • — Click “Erase all content and settings”
  • — To reset the smartphone, you may need to enter an Apple ID password.
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Step 5: Prepare the whole set

If you decided to sell your iPhone yourself, it would be expedient to collect the entire factory kit. In the presence of headphones, the box device, charger and various pieces of paper, you sell your smartphone is not only faster but a bit more expensive.

Подготовьте весь комплект

That’s all, these five simple steps will allow you to sell the iPhone without all the remorse, such as “what if a smartphone were my pictures?”.

How to prepare your iPhone for sale

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