How to prepare for the exam in mathematics at the price of a movie ticket

The graduating class is one of the most important periods in a person’s life. You have to choose a profession that may affect your whole life. To enroll in the desired specialty, you must pass the exam in mathematics at a high profile ball. Today at 16.30 Moscow time will start the webinar on “Exponential and logarithmic equations”. It will be conducted by the Professor of Moscow state University. All participants in the webinar will receive a coupon for a discount of 1000 rubles for the full course online classes.


Today’s webinar will be conducted by the doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences I. V. Astashova. She will tell about the basic methods of solving exponential and logarithmic equations consider the errors of students when solving problems relevant exam in 2017, will solve several problems on the topic of the lecture and answer all the questions. Note that the correct solution to this problem on the exam will bring you 2 points.

One of the key advantages of distance education is that you don’t need to spend a lot of time on the road. Moreover, to visit such courses no matter what city you are in. You can sit in your favorite chair with a Cup of tea and to learn from the Professor of Moscow state University.

School materials don’t have: video lectures, fitness equipment and tasks will be available after registration in the personal Cabinet. All the material is available free of charge until September 2018.

The webinar will begin at 16.30 Moscow time. The cost of today’s webinar only 449 rubles. All participants will receive a coupon for 1000 rubles for the entire online course of 28 lessons. The coupon is valid until 4 November.

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