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How to check your password for tampering

Services for checking of password strength are not something new and is integrated with the registration pages on many websites. Meanwhile, the Australian cyber security expert Troy hunt has created an unusual tool for the analysis of the data to log: a service called Have I Benn Pwned (“I was hacked?”) previously could search for usernames and email addresses in the database is compromised, and now have learned how to work with passwords.

Have I Been Pwned

Utility searches for password database hacked and recommends to change it if a match is found. All materials hunt received from these sites Exploit.in and Anti Public. Interestingly, 75% of the passwords from the first database were used repeatedly, and passwords on Public Anti — b/a in 83% of cases. Specialist is not surprised by such statistics as with the active use of the Internet unique passwords.

Have I Been Pwned for free also provides a complete list of the 306 million compromised password hashes SHA1. Therefore, users will be able to test the security of your accounts and prevent break-ins or simply find interesting and funny options in the database. For example, Troy hunt found his name among the hacked passwords.

Have I Been Pwned

To avoid becoming a victim of hackers, we recommend you not only choose a strong password and regularly change it.

Source: haveibeenpwned.com

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How to check your password for tampering

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