How to defrost a refrigerator quickly and correctly

How to defrost a refrigerator quickly and correctly

Every housewife knows that refrigerator, and any appliances in need of care. But in addition to usual care refrigerator needs periodic defrosting. This process not only saves electricity (impressive ice crust is forcing the compressor to operate in emergency mode), but also provides long and reliable operation of the Cabinet.

Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – Раскрытый холодильникIf Your refrigerator is No Frostthen You’re in luck – to engage in defrost you need only 1-2 times a year. If the refrigerator is an older design, then perform this procedure will have not less than 1-2 times a month.

Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – Внутри холодильника

Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – Обледеневшая морозильная камераIn this article we share practical recommendations that will help to defrost the fridge and rid it of the snow-covered “landscapes”. The process occurs in several stages.

Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – Холодильник Bosch

Step-by-step manual defrost refrigerator

Step 1. Adjust the refrigerator temperature to 0 degrees, then you can disable it from the network.

Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – Управление холодильникомStep 2. Remove from the chamber all the food. Try to carry out defrosting when the shelves are not crammed with variety of products. If defrosting occurs during the hottest time of the year, it can be placed hermetically Packed products in a large bowl with cold water or ice – it will reduce the risk of damage to the Goodies.

Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – Открытый холодильникStep 3. It is very important not to make defrosting a refrigerator in a real flood. If the design of the refrigerator does not provide for a tank for collecting the melt liquid should be put under the refrigerator towels or absorbent cloth, and on the bottom shelf to place the tray.

Step 4. Now waiting for the refrigerator defrosts. Depending on the “scale of tragedy” (thickness of ice) the natural process of the melting ice coats can take from 3 to 10 hours. But this is not very pleasing figure can be affected, accelerating defrosting of the refrigerator the means at hand. We will tell about this below.

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Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – Часы в холодильникеStep 5. At the end of defrosting necessary to thoroughly wash the inside of a refrigerator. This can be done using special detergents or conventional products, which are each kitchen – baking soda, lemon or vinegar. About how to wash and care for the surfaces of the refrigerator, we told You the story.

Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – Средства по уходу за холодильникомAfter the refrigerator flashed purity, it is necessary to wipe dry and then turn and fill with products. If the moisture after washing will remain, icy crust appears much faster than You would like. By the way, to freezer the fridge longer numeral, it is possible to RUB her walls conventional glycerin.

Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – Глицерин

How to speed up the defrosting

There is not always time to wait until the ice crust deign to melt naturally. Sometimes it takes up to 8-10 hours, and this, for a moment, a day.

Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – Лед в рукахMany owners (often, it is the owners, not the mistress) secretly dream to be placed in the freezer is running a heater and see who is who. The heater, of course, for security purposes, to place not worth it (imagine the consequences of flooded melt water running from the network appliance), but affect the rate of melting. Here are some safe for You and Your ways.

Method 1. Need conventional rubber hot-water bottle. It needs to be filled with hot water and place in the freezer. Coming from the warmer heat sensitive will affect the thickness of the ice.

Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – ГрелкаMethod 2. To accelerate you can use the pan (a ladle, a bowl – anything but not glass) all with the same boiling water. To do this, capacity needs to be set up on the plate, so that the hot bottom of the pan doesn’t touch the bottom of the icy coats and freezers. It is also important that the pan was covered with lid hot steam to melt the ice crust on the “ceiling” of the freezer can damage the inner coating.

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Method 3. And again hot water. Fill a spray bottle (atomizer) very warm water (if plastic spray bottle, the boiling water can it deform) and begin to spray her walls. Disadvantage of this method is that then you have to get rid of some more water out of the freezer.

Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – ПульверизаторAlternatively, you can use a special household tools that are designed to defrost. There are special sprays for defrosting, which will not only help to get rid of the crust of ice, but will take care of the cleanliness, disinfection and a pleasant smell inside the refrigerator. Do not be afraid, that the chemistry will penetrate into foods, many responsible manufacturers make their money is completely eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – Мытье холодильникаMethod 4. Instead of water you can use the air. Warm, of course. To do this, you can even use a regular Hairdryer, but then you need to know a few rules. First, do not make very hot air, and secondly, never direct a jet of warm air on the sealing rubber – temperature drop they will become more brittle and lose elasticity, which subsequently affect the tightness of the camera.

Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – ФенThe drawback of this solution is above the melting freezer will have to “stand over” along with a Hairdryer. Of course, for a long time to warm up the contents of the camera do not need, but you always want to make any household more self-contained process that does not require constant participation of the hostess.

Method 5. If You have a fanhere, he can also be very useful. For this you need to turn the device on low power and to direct the jet of warm air directly on the freezer. In any case not to put the heater in the freezer – it needs to stand out zone of melting frost.

Sensitive negative – if Your fridge freezer is on top, You will have to use all your engineering skills in order to place the heater on a level with freezer compartment.

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Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – Собака и вентиляторIn principle, it is alternatively possible to use regular outdoor fan, but the process will be longer stretches over time, as the fan will pull in the freezer the air at room temperature. But still it will provide a no exchange of air masses inside the tunnel, and will accelerate the melting of ice, if other ways are for some reason unavailable. Plus wysokosciowe fan easier to send up.

Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – Вентиляторы

What not to do during defrosting of the refrigerator

These rules quite a bit, but they will help keep the refrigerator in a safe and sound and take care of a longer life of the equipment.

Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – ХолодильникRule 1. Do not get rid of the thickness of the ice by mechanical means. Not chip and do not scrape ice with a metal object (knife, blade etc.). Even if Your refrigerator has a special plastic scrapers for collecting ice, try to resist the temptation to use them.

Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – Царапание поверзностиInternal coating (in many models of refrigerators use “soft” enamel) does not like the scratching and chipping that can leave even the plastic items. Subsequently, these damage can result in flaking of the coating.

Rule 2. And, as we have said, if you warm up the icy coat with hot air, direct it to the seals. The dried gum will cease to perform its direct functions and sloppy after defrosting it will have to change.

The results

Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – Размораживание холодильникаDefrosting the refrigerator – the problem is quite laborious and requires time and effort. But if we use some lifehacks from the article, the process can be greatly facilitated and accelerated. Perhaps the most important thing is to prevent severe icing inside the fridge and try, having overcome laziness and allocating a few hours to do defrost in time.

Как размораживать холодильник правильно и быстро – Холодильник в интерьереLet Your fridge glad Your family for many years, and their household duties do not bring a lot of trouble.

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