19673 How to download videos from YouTube in three ways
How to download videos from YouTube in three ways

How to download videos from YouTube in three ways

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How to download videos from YouTube in three ways

Nowadays most of the users watch movies, clips and videos online, but sometimes you need to save them on your computer, tablet or smartphone. This may be necessary if you are going on a trip where no Internet or network access will be limited due to slow connection speed. In addition, often there are situations in which the video was removed from YouTube because of a violation of any rules, but if you save it on your device, on a flash drive or in the cloud, your desired video will always be “at hand”. Many users also annoying ads in YouTube videos, which can be very Intrusive and hinders the safe. Downloading a movie on your tablet or smartphone, you can be sure that it will be played without ads.

So how do you want to download videos from YouTube? This can be done in three ways, which we will tell you in this article.

The contents

  1. Online services for download
  2. Special applications
  3. Browser extensions and plugins
  4. The results

Online services for download

One of the easiest and fastest ways to download videos from YouTube on the computer are online services. To date, the network presents hundreds of similar sites, but we will tell you only about those that have passed the test of time.


Service SaveFrom.net has been working for more than one year, and offers perhaps the most simple and elegant way of downloading. In order to download any video from YouTube to your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Open desired YouTube video.

In the address bar of the browser, add the letters ss in front of youtube. As a result, for example, from address of the form:

[embedded content]

you will get:

[embedded content]

2. Press Enter, then you will be automatically redirected to the website of the service Savefrom.net and the link to the video will already be in the box.

3. Select the desired quality and format and then confirm the download. The video will begin downloading to your computer.

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If instead of the letters ss in the address bar before youtube to add vd, you will transfer to the service page VDYouTube, which is similar to SaveFrom.net. When you insert the word magic in the address bar between you tube and you will go to page another similar service called Save-Video.com.

A list of proven services

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the service Savefrom.net you can take advantage of the many alternatives, for example:

Some of these services offer additional features, including a download of the video in 4K quality, but they all have a common principle. To download with them via video, you must:

  1. Copy the link to the YouTube video.
  2. Paste the link into the appropriate field on the service page.
  3. Choose the options downloadable video (quality, format, and so on).

Special applications

In addition to online services to download videos from YouTube, you can also enjoy special applications.

Desktop applications:

1. 4K Video Downloader (Windows, Mac, Ubuntu)

Как скачать видео с YouTube 3 способа - 4K Video DownloaderThe application 4K Video Downloader is a more advanced alternative to the traditional download via browser, giving users far more features, including:

  • — Download playlists and channels as a whole.
  • — Download videos in 1080p and 4K and in 3D.
  • — Advanced features for downloading subtitles.
  • — Download embedded YouTube videos from any page.

In order to download videos with 4K Video Downloader just copy and paste the url of the page where it is contained, and the app will find the source to download.

Download app 4K Video Downloader:

2. ClipGrab (Windows, Mac, Linux)

Как скачать видео с YouTube 3 способа - ClipGrabApp ClipGrab is a real find for fans of the format “all in one”. There’s a built in search, YouTube, automatic recognition of links from the clipboard, extensive configuration and management downloads.

Download the app ClipGrab:

3. Softorino YT Converter (Mac)

Как скачать видео с YouTube 3 способа - Softorino YT ConverterThis app will surely appeal to those who don’t like to bother. Like the previous two programs, Softorino YT Converter allows you to choose the quality and download only the audio tracks, but the main feature of the app is the fastest and easiest video download. You can download any video with just a couple of clicks, and then immediately transfer it to your iPhone or iPad.

To download the application from Softorino YT Converter:

Apps for Android devices:

Recall that YouTube belongs to Google. Same story with the Android operating system, so special applications designed for downloading videos from YouTube, regularly removed from the Google Play store.

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A way out of this situation may be the downloading of apps from third-party resources. You download .apk files after downloading install to your mobile device via file Manager.

When downloading such files be sure to look at the address of the website from which you want to upload them. Keep in mind that attackers often inserted in similar files of different viruses that can cause unstable operation of your smartphone or tablet, and even lead to the dissemination of confidential personal data.

We collected four proven applications that allow you to download videos from YouTube on smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system and will not harm your data and devices. Listed below are the actual applications and their official page.

  1. SnapTube

Как скачать видео с YouTube 3 способа - SnapTube 2. Watch Later

Как скачать видео с YouTube 3 способа - Watch Later 3. YouTube Downloader

Как скачать видео с YouTube 3 способа - YouTube Downloader 4. TubeMate

Как скачать видео с YouTube 3 способа - TubeMate 5. YTD

Как скачать видео с YouTube 3 способа - YTD 6. WonTube

Как скачать видео с YouTube 3 способа - WonTube

App for iPhone and iPad:


Как скачать видео с YouTube 3 способа - WorkflowThe app Workflow is intended for automation of routine operations and automates many things, including downloading videos from YouTube. The download process is quite simple and boils down to the use of system extensions that are invoked via the “Share”button.

Download the app Workflow:

Как скачать видео с YouTube 3 способа – Workflow QR 2. SaveFrom.net + Dropbox

Как скачать видео с YouTube 3 способа - SaveFrom.net + DropboxThrough the above-mentioned service SaveFrom.net you can get a direct link to the YouTube video, and using the Dropbox extension, save it to the cloud folder.

To do this:

  1. Copy the link of the video through the standard “Share” button in YouTube player (app or browser does not matter).
  2. Open site SaveFrom.net and paste the link in the “Specify address”.
  3. Click to open new tab click “Share”, then select “save to Dropbox”.
  4. Select a location to save and wait for the download.

3. Documents by Readdle

Как скачать видео с YouTube 3 способа – Documents от ReaddleDocuments by Readdle is a file Manager for iOS with built-in browser with which you can log in to any online service download video (guaranteed to work with SaveFrom.net), and insert a link to a YouTube video.

The downloaded video will be in the internal downloads folder of the file Manager where it is necessary to move the folder to the Photos app. After that, the downloaded video will be available for viewing in the gallery along with other removed video.

To download the application Documents from Readdle:

Как скачать видео с YouTube 3 способа – Documents от Readdle QR

Browser extensions and plugins

1. SaveFrom.net

Как скачать видео с YouTube 3 способа - SaveFromYou can add the download button of the video directly in the YouTube interface. To do this, simply install the extension SaveFrom.net for your browser.

To download the extension SaveFrom.net for Google Chrome:

Download extension SaveFrom.net for Firefox:

Download extension SaveFrom.net for Opera:

    2. FastestTube

FastestTube is another service offering extension for downloading videos on all popular browsers, including Safari.

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Download extension FastestTube for Google Chrome:

Download extension FastestTube for Mozilla:

Download extension FastestTube for other browsers:

    3. ClickToPlugin (Safari)

Как скачать видео с YouTube 3 способа - ClickToPluginClickToPlugin is an extension, not quite to load. Primarily it is aimed at increasing energy efficiency, preventing video playback on the pages and replacing the flash player in html5 where possible. The load function is secondary, but since nothing prevents us to open the context menu by clicking on the video and selecting “Save as…” and the loading rollers extension copes.

Download the extension ClickToPlugin for Safari:

4. Automator service (for Safari)

This option is more suitable for experienced users as for the setup, you have a couple of times to use the terminal, although, in fact, there is nothing complicated. Before you begin, make sure the system Python is installed and if necessary install it by downloading the installer from here.

Next you have to download and make executable the script download videos from YouTube, which will be run by the service Automator. To do this, alternately in the terminal, enter these two commands:

sudo curl https://yt-dl.org/downloads/2015.12.23/youtube-dl -o /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

sudo chmod a+rx /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

It remains only to establish the relevant service. To do this, open Automator, select to create a new service and execute the action “Run shell script”.

Как скачать видео с YouTube 3 способа - Служба AutomatorNow enter the settings as in the screenshot, edit the script code these two lines:

cd ~/Downloads

/bin/youtube-dl “$@”

After that, save the service under any convenient name, such as YT download.

The new service works in the following way: on the page with the video, highlight the URL (just double click in the address bar), in the context menu select “Service” — “YT download”. After that video will start uploading in this quality. Progress is displayed in the form of rotating gears, and after the download is complete it will appear in the specified folder that is in “Downloads”.

The results

In this article we examined three of the most popular way to save YouTube videos to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

If you have the need to constantly save video to the computer, we recommend that you install a special browser extension. If you want to save any YouTube videos to your smartphone or tablet, use the above Android or iOS applications.

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