How to control the Segway: terms easy ride


How to control the Segway: terms easy ride

Despite the fact that Segways, or as they are called, gyrometer, already at anybody does not cause surprise, many believe that learning to ride them very hard. When viewed from the side, it is difficult to imagine how to balance on two wheels and not fall down.

In fact, learning management gyrometers easy, and in this article we will tell you about all the major features of this personal transport.


Learn to ride gyrometer is very simple, as it, like a shadow, follows all the movements for the human body. Special gyro system helps keep the balance, and management is carried out through movements.

When you lean forward, gyrometer starts moving and when you lean back, the Segway stops gradually.

To increase the speed, you need to lean stronger. The greater the tilt of the body, the faster you will move.

Как управлять сигвеем условия легкой езды – фото 1To turn left or right also very easy, but then everything will depend on the model of the Segway. If you have gyrometer with the wheel – you thus turn with the handle.

If we are talking about a mini-Segway, to control such transport is solely used for the movement of the body. It is very easy. You just lean in the direction you want to rotate. In these models, the main thing — correctly to distribute the load. Get on gyrometer just two legs and go with it as well.

Как управлять сигвеем условия легкой езды – фото 2Correct ways of controlling Segway

Как управлять сигвеем условия легкой езды – фото 3In order to confidently stand on gyrometer and continue to manage it, remember the following simple rules:

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The position of the feet

If you first get on gyrometer, and he “escapes”, don’t be afraid – just place it on the second leg. For greater stability the legs can be slightly bent, i.e., like, a little sit down.

The position of the body

As we mentioned above, your body is the wheel. Watch for body position, transfer it smoothly and not make any sudden movements.

The position of the hands

Many people who start to ride gyrometer, ask the question: “what to do with hands, how to arrange them, and where do they go?”. In fact, everything is simple. You can arrange them as you wish. You can even carry in your hand bag, but try not to take much weight, as this can lead to an imbalance.


Remember that the majority of gyrometers not designed for extreme travel, but people with great experience of riding on this type of transport I can manage at the time of the movement of different tricks. If you are a beginner and want to learn how to do tricks on the Segway, experts recommend to start with a turn of 360 degrees.

The results

As you can see, nothing complicated in the management of the Segway is not. Whatever kind of personal transportation you choose – big Segway, gyrometer or gyrobot, remember that the important thing is to overcome your fear, and follow our simple rules.

Within 5-10 minutes you bout to enjoy the ride, and remember how I was afraid to try to stand on gyrometer.

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