14580 How to recover deleted files on a computer
How to recover deleted files on a computer

How to recover deleted files on a computer

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How to recover deleted files on a computer

Any files on the computer can be removed at the most inopportune moment. If you accidentally delete something important, do not despair, because in many cases, deleted data can be recovered.

In this article we will share with you several proven methods of recovery of photos, videos and other files with the help of standard operating system tools and with the help of special programs.


Not many users know that after deleting files on PC is actually not deleted in the file table they are assigned the appropriate label is “0”. This means that these files can be safely overwritten by other information. Thus, deleted files are only hidden from your eyes. To recover computer files after overwriting is also possible, however, there is a possibility that some of them have already erased and is not recoverable. Anyway, the chances of success are always available. To restore files typically use special programs that scan the file system for the presence of such information, and searching in the computer memory sector marked “file deleted”.

How to recover deleted files from computer, using Windows tools

In Windows operating system (although this is true for Linux and Mac), there is a kind of “reservoir” for storage of deleted files called the recycle Bin. It works on the following principle: you delete files on your computer, then they are placed in the Basket. Of course, this Basket is “not rubber”. When free space in it is exhausted, files stored there will be deleted, giving way again to get there. If you want to increase the chances of recovery, you need to increase the size of the Basket. In order to do this, follow these steps:

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1. Go to properties of the Recycle bin via the context menu;

Как восстановить удаленные файлы на компьютере - свойства корзины2. Select the disk and specify the size of the Basket (in the “Ask size”).

How to recover files placed in the Cart

In order to restore files from the Recycle bin, follow these steps:

  1. First, search for the desired files or folders in the recycle Bin.
  2. Click the element (or elements), right-click, and choose via context menu option “Restore”.

Programs to restore deleted files on computer

When you clean the recycle Bin, the files are deleted, but not permanently. In order to restore them, you will need additional utility.

Installing programs to recovery, you should understand that you make changes to the file table. For this reason, the chances of recovery decrease depending on the volume of computer data you will record in the memory of your computer. In this regard, it makes sense to install the program animator to a USB flash drive or any other media.

1. Hetman Partition Recovery

This program works equally well with existing and deleted files. Hetman Partition Recovery is able to work not only hard disk but also flash drives, DVDs and so on.

Как восстановить удаленные файлы на компьютере - Hetman Partition RecoveryAll you need to do is connect the device to computer and run the program. In the first stage, the utility scans your disk for traces of deleted files. After that, in the presence of results, offers immediate start to their recovery. Hetman Partition Recovery has a preview, so before the restoration and preservation on the computer to learn how to recover, files match your expectations (which is especially important for various multimedia information such as photos).

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In addition, Hetman Partition Recovery produces a deep computer analysis of files located on the disk. Scan results are stored in a separate folder. It can be not only whole files but also partially preserved – most importantly, if you deleted valuable information. Hetman Partition Recovery will fit even in those cases, if you formatted the hard drive (which actually says the name of this tool).

App download Hetman Partition Recovery from the official website.

2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

If you need a comprehensive approach to the recovery of computer data, remote computer, and with a variety of devices and media, we recommend that the utility of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Как восстановить удаленные файлы на компьютере - EaseUS Data Recovery WizardAs well as the previous program, this utility is based on the recovery of data erased from Recycle bin, restore with USB stick, disks, and network. The program is integrated with the file system of the Windows operating system, so work with it very quickly.

One of the main “chips” of the application EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the creation of a protected Recycle bin on the computer. Unlike a standard Basket, it allows you to store deleted files computer as long as possible, and remove them when you remove and fix with a high chance even after you empty the Recycle bin.

Download the app EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard from the official website.

1. CardRecovery

Another solution for recovering deleted files is the program CardRecovery. It works with most filesystems and specializiruetsya on the recovery of USB drives and sd cards. CardRecovery supports many data types when restoring, knows how to recover efficiently and as quickly as possible. The program takes up very little space and is distributed free of charge.

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Как восстановить удаленные файлы на компьютере - CardRecoveryApp download CardRecovery from the official website.

4. Tenorshare Data Recovery

If you deleted a photo and don’t know how to recover, try to do it using the software Tenorshare Data Recovery. She specializiruetsya on restoring the images, and it should be noted, makes it quite efficiently. It is worth noting that the program works not only with the memory of a computer, but also with smartphones and tablets based on Android. Tenorshare Data Recovery revives many graphic formats, including jpg, png, gif, raw and other. The program scans a disk, a memory card or USB flash drive, allows you to view the results before saving the file. Files are displayed as thumbnails.

Как восстановить удаленные файлы на компьютере – Tenorshare Data RecoveryTo download the application Tenorshare Data Recovery from its official website.

5. Ontrack Easyrecovery Pro

If you value a professional approach to deleted file recovery, we can recommend the program Ontrack Easyrecovery Pro. It has a step-by-step recovery wizard, the supported maximum number of file, compressed files and encrypted streams.

Как восстановить удаленные файлы на компьютере – Ontrack Easyrecovery ProUsing Ontrack Easyrecovery Pro, you can recover the files on virtually any device.

Download app Ontrack Easyrecovery Pro from the official website.

The results

I hope this article helps you to recover accidentally deleted files. The first thing to do is look, maybe you’ll find them in the recycle Bin. If there’s nothing there, try using one of the above programs. If you restore the file will fail and with the help of these applications, do not despair and consult the experts.

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