How to choose the freezer: three simple steps

How to choose the freezer: three simple steps

Ice cream is a treat, not dependent on age, love it and the kids and adults. Of course, now in the shop you can find ice cream for every taste, but agree that the quality of the purchased and cooked at home will vary significantly. After preparing the ice cream for myself, we buy high quality raw ingredients, based on their personal preferences and tastes.

Любимое лакомство всех возрастовBut if You have children, believe me, they will thank You for the opportunity to eat a favorite treat at any time, and by the way, this can be a particular educational process for them.

Любимое лакомство детейIce cream maker is a device of medium size, depending on the type consisting of a bowl for ingredients and a whorl, which is the mixing and whisking.

Мороженица в разобранном видеSo, get started and decide what You need a freezer, so it was nice to cook and your household and friends liked this wonderful dessert.

Готовим мороженое вместеThe contents

Любимое лакомство всех возрастов 1

Semi-automatic ice cream maker

Полуавтоматическая мороженицаThe process of making ice cream in a semi-automatic ice cream maker takes about 12-16 hours and begins with a bowl of ice cream must be pre-cooling, i.e., to put in the freezer for about 10-14 hours at a temperature no higher than -18°C.

Чаша предварительно охлаждаетсяAfter cooling, loaded into the bowl all the required ingredients for making ice cream, push the button, which actuates the blades, and after 15-40 minutes we can enjoy a wonderful dessert.

Наслаждаемся десертомTo be able to enjoy ice cream at any time, the Cup of the best kept in the freezer all the time — nobody knows when you want something delicious, and You will always be prepared.

Наслаждаемся десертом 1Semi-automatic ice cream makers differ quite affordable price, compact size and sufficient set of functions to prepare ice cream without any frills, but nonetheless very tasty.

Automatic (compressor) freezer

Автоматическая (компрессорная) мороженицаAutomatic ice cream maker is a standalone cooler, is combined with a mixer. Enough to load in a bowl all the ingredients, select the program and press the button the rest of the device will make independently and within 20-30 minutes favorite dessert ready.

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МороженоеAutomatic ice maker in the home can be a great mini-factory with continuous production of ice cream, the interval between the preparation of servings is just a 10 min.

Автоматическая (компрессорная) мороженица незаменимый помощникAutomatic ice cream maker more convenient and easier to use, but in size it more than her semi-automatic “relative” and requires more space in the kitchen, and at a cost it is different. Automatic ice cream maker is more suitable for those who like to cook and incorrigible foodies!

Мороженное для гурманов

The volume and material of the bowl

An important criterion when choosing ice cream, which you need to pay attention – a bowl.

Bowls are produced in volume from 0,5 to 15 litres. In order to navigate and understand what size bowl is right for You, we must remember that in a liter Cup you will receive the finished ice cream is 600-700 gr. The optimal bowl size for a small family varies from 1 to 2 liters.

Чаша с мороженымBowl of ice cream can be made from food grade plastic or stainless steel. Bowl made of stainless steel is more reliable in terms of resistance, hygiene and durability, but the plastic bowl is cheaper. What material to choose — You decide.

Чаша из нержавеющей стали

A rating of manufacturers

Focusing on the opinion of experts and buyers, we have compiled for you a rating of the top 5 producers of ice cream makers for 2017, which will help You in selecting the instrument.

1 place

DeLonghi логотип

I think, the Italian firm De’longhi in particular needs no introduction. His fame she received as a manufacturer of HVAC equipment. In the mid 80-ies of the last century, the company bought a few factories producing small appliances for many years and is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe in this field. Great attention the company pays a De’longhi quality, design and innovation, and it immediately catches the eye when looking at the De’longhi ice cream maker ICK 5000.

Мороженица De'Longhi ICK 5000De’longhi ICK 5000 belongs to automatic type ice cream makers, removable bowl with a capacity of 1.2 liters made of stainless steel.

Мороженица De'Longhi ICK 5000 съемная чашаThe De’longhi ice cream maker ICK 5000 operates in three modes, switching takes place using the rotary knob on the control panel.

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Мороженица De'Longhi ICK 5000 поворотная ручкаThis model uses natural refrigerant (R134a) which has a unique cooling effect. The removable elements of the device can be washed in the dishwasher. Complete with ice cream parlor is a special blade for ice cream.

Мороженица De'Longhi ICK 5000 с мороженым2nd place

Kenwood логотип Famous British company Kenwood (not to be confused with the Japanese company Kenwood Electronics) was founded in 1946. For 70 years of its existence the company has gained fame as one of the most progressive, reliable and successful brands. Just bought Kenwood equipment, will remain forever true to her admirer. One of the products of this famous company — ice cream maker Kenwood IM280.

мороженица Kenwood IM280Ice cream maker Kenwood IM280 relates to semi-automatic type of devices, the volume of the Cup of food-grade plastic — 1.5 liters, which allows you to cook several servings of ice cream at one time, the height of the bowl 28 cm

мороженица Kenwood IM280 чашаCase Kenwood IM280 equipped with side handles for ease of movement. To add ingredients there is a hole in the lid, the ice capacity from 4 to 6 watts.

мороженица Kenwood IM280 13rd place

CLATRONIC логотип A fairly young family-owned company, founded in 1982 — CTC Clatronic International GmbH, Germany, Kempen. The entire range of home appliances manufactured under the brand CLATRONIC, made only from high quality materials and meets international safety standards. We invite You to consider the model Clatronic ICM 3581.

Мороженица Clatronic ICM 3581 1A relatively inexpensive model semi-automatic type. The material inside the bowl – food grade plastic. Bowl volume: 1 l, height 23 cm There is a hole in the lid for adding ingredients.

The average cooking time ice cream 20-40 minutes after pre-cooling bowl in a freezer for 10-12 hours.

Мороженица Clatronic ICM 3581 в разобранном видеThe model is fully disassembled, which makes it easy to wash. Another important advantage – low power consumption – 12 watts.

Мороженица Clatronic ICM 35814 place

Hilton is an American brand, leading its activities in different areas, ranging from small and large household appliances, and ending with devices for beauty and health. In our market this brand is quite young, but already managed to rally his fans and admirers. The products under the trademark Hilton is made from high quality materials and meets all European safety standards. So, ice cream maker ICM HILTON 3853.

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Мороженица HILTON ICM 3853Very interesting semi-automatic ice cream maker ICM HILTON 3853 consists of two tanks of 1 litre each. Each tank has a separate cord to plug in the outlet, it is very convenient if You need to cook a small amount of ice cream, it is also possible to simultaneously prepare two containers of different desserts.

Мороженица HILTON ICM 3853 1Small size 34,0×39,5×20.5 cm can comfortably accommodate HILTON ICM 3853 even a small kitchen. Capacity ice cream freezer 12 watts.

5th place

A fairly young brand, the company DEX appeared on our market in 2005, but has already gained a position high-quality manufacturer of household appliances. We present to Your attention automatic ice cream maker DEX DICM-100.

Мороженица DEX DICM-100DEX DICM-100 refers to the ice cream makers automatic type and has an electronic control panel with display.

Мороженица DEX DICM-100 дисплейTimer with sound signal will inform You of the availability of ice cream. Bowl volume of 1.2 liters. But the capacity of the device is 150 watts, that may not completely appeal to Thrifty Housewives. Cooking time ice cream takes only 20-30 minutes.

Customer reviews.

Excellent device!!! If you follow the recipes — 1l it turns out wonderful and delicious ice cream. Fillers and additives can be varied to your own taste. I did three refills in a row. The guests loved it! And naturally the same! Super!”.


Of course, the ice cream parlor is not technology, without which it is impossible to do, but wouldn’t you sometimes want to pamper yourself and your loved ones high quality and tasty dessert.

Диетическое мороженоеEspecially that ice cream maker can be used not only for making ice cream, but also for making frozen yogurt, sorbet, smoothies and as a base for milkshakes and creams.


Мусс из ягодAnd if you decide to buy this lovely device, we hope that this article will help You when choosing this miracle of technology, and it will delight you and your loved ones every day, not only in hot summer but also in any other weather.

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