How to choose a reliable Powerbank: main parameters

How to choose a reliable Powerbank: main parameters

In recent years, among users, have become particularly popular external batteries, or as they are called, “powerbank”. A few years ago about these devices, no one knew, however, with the increase of the technical characteristics of smartphones and tablets, the latter have become more actively consume energy, and, consequently, more dependent on outlet.

The Powerbank is able to solve any problems associated with the rapid discharge of the battery of your smartphone or tablet. Nowadays on the market there are hundreds of different options powerbanks, which differ from each other not only in appearance but also in technical characteristics. In this article we will explain how to choose a reliable Powerbank and what its parameters should pay attention.

The contents

  1. Compatible with the device
  2. The capacity of external battery
  3. Functionality
  4. Weight, dimensions and design
  5. Conclusion

Compatible with the device

You should start with the fact that the Powerbank is a fairly complex from a technical point of view, a device that consists not only of lithium-ion batteries, but also includes a number of other elements: a power controller, a processor, LEDs, chips, etc.

Как выбрать надежный Powerbank основные параметры - внутриIt is for this reason Powerbank correct nazvyvat “portable charger”, not just “battery”. These devices include a number of protective systems for normal interaction with your gadget, protecting against surge, self-discharge, overcharge, etc.

Perhaps the most frequent and popular question asked by users in electronic shops, is the question: “will this Powerbank is compatible with their smartphone.” It is worth noting that almost all modern devices: smartphones, tablets, iPods, cameras, etc. — have approximately the same power settings, so the Powerbank is suitable for any of these devices. For most modern gadgets, the most common voltage parameters 5V DC (5V DC).

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External battery pack not only fits for the devices which have their own external power adapter, therefore, as a laptop it will not charge.

Как выбрать надежный Powerbank основные параметры - совместимостьIf you are the owner of any rare or unique device before charging note that the input voltage required for charging of this device, coincides with an output voltage of chosen model portable charger. It can be viewed either on the network the charger that came with your gadget, or in the accompanying instructions.

The capacity of external battery

The interval capacity of modern external batteries ranging from 2000 mAh to 20000 mAh or more. When selecting the capacity of powerbank keep in mind that it depends on its size and price.

The batteries require more time to recharge and have more weight. Such models can be recommended to users who often travel or go on business trips and don’t always have the opportunity to use the socket.

Как выбрать надежный Powerbank основные параметры - емкостьMost popular external battery capacity of 8000-12000 mAh. Such powerbank will suit the majority of users, and can fully charge a smartphone about 3 times. Their weight is around 250 grams, so they’ll fit in your pocket, without causing great inconvenience. For charging such powerbank usually takes about six to eight hours.

Как выбрать надежный Powerbank основные параметры - емкость (2)Batteries of reduced capacity 2000-5000 mAh more compact, therefore perfect for girls who can always put them in my purse. Note that this segment of powerbanks most diverse, in terms of design, so any girl can pick up that external battery that best fit her style.

External batteries with a capacity of over 20,000 mAh are very bulky, and if outwardly such powerbank not differ from the device with lower capacity, it is most likely a fake.

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Как выбрать надежный Powerbank основные параметры - функциональностьPowerbank differ also from the point of view of its functional features. A list of the main functions of the external batteries that are very convenient, but not required:

  1. Additional USB port. Many external batteries with a capacity above 10,000 mAh battery with two USB ports. This is done in order to allow the user to charge two devices at the same time.
  2. This led flashlight is a nice bonus that might come in handy camping or in a dark room.
  3. The digital charge indicator is a very useful thing, however recently manufacturers have stopped using this element, replacing it with LEDs. Agree to see the exact percentage of charge remaining in your powerbank still much easier than watching flashing lights.

Weight, dimensions and design

If we talk about the design of powerbank, everything as with smartphones, every manufacturer is trying to create something new, more attractive and unusual, but at the same time, using its style. Design powerbank – a matter of taste, and there is “the taste and color of comrades there.”

Как выбрать надежный Powerbank основные параметры - дизайнHousing powerbank can be made of plastic or metal. Despite the fact that modern models are made of durable plastic, we would still recommend to give preference to metal powerbank. They are a little heavier than plastic options, but the fall of a chance to “survive” in such devices more.


As you can see, in fact, in the choice of external battery, or as it is commonly called, powerbank, there is nothing difficult. Before buying, decide how often you will use this device. This will directly depend on the capacity and size of powerbank. Then think about whether you need 2 USB connectors or any additional functions. For girls will probably be important to design an external battery, however, we would not recommend to put it in the first place.

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