How to get the content from tablet to TV 3 the connection method


How to get the content from tablet to TV 3 the connection method

The popularity of tablets is growing. These devices will gradually displace from the market of stationary computers and laptops, however, have one drawback – the relatively small size of the screen. To solve this problem by connecting the tablet to the TV, but not all users know how to do it.

The image from the tablet to a TV you can display in several ways: via wifi, via the HDMI cable and using DLNA technology.

The contents

  1. Wi-Fi
  2. Through the HDMI cable
  3. Without special technology
  4. Conclusion


Как вывести изображение с планшета на телевизор 3 способа Wi-FiThis connection method is ideal for owners of Smart TVs that have built-in Wi-Fi adapter. To connect the tablet to this TV in two ways:

  • — using Wi-Fi Direct;
  • — using third-party software for the specific model of TV.

The simplest of these two methods is the Wi-Fi Direct connection. Note that for pairing, this technology needs to support both TV and tablet.

To display the image on the TV using Wi-Fi Direct, follow these steps:

  1. In the wireless settings on the tablet, start Wi-Fi Direct.
  2. When you see a message indicating that the function has started, go into the settings of your TV, locate the Network tab and select wifi Direct.
  3. If you did everything correctly, the TV will automatically find the tablet and will realize the wireless connection.

The second way to connect the tablet to the TV via Wi-Fi involves downloading and installing special software. Different models of tablet computers can be running different operating systems, so these programs may be several. You need to find is compatible with your device program, install it and follow all the on-screen instructions.

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If your TV does not have Wi-Fi adapter, you can purchase it separately or connect to a TV media console that support this technology.

Through the HDMI cable

Как вывести изображение с планшета на телевизор 3 способа HDMIConnecting the tablet to the TV via HDMI, you will get the best quality of information transfer in digital format. This method is the most simple and convenient. The HDMI interface allows you to transfer not only the image but also sound.

The HDMI connector is equipped with all modern televisions, whereas in the case of tablets this connector is found only on models of medium level and above. For connection you need a HDMI cable, which you will need to connect the corresponding connectors on the TV and tablet. Transmission of image and sound should be automatically configured. If for any reason, happens, enter the configuration of the tablet using the HDMI output and the TV’s settings find “the information for HDMI”.

Как вывести изображение с планшета на телевизор 3 способа HDMI (2)Most likely, the tablet will be installed connectors mini-HDMI or micro-HDMI. In this case, just use a cable with the appropriate connectors on the ends or adapters.

Without special technology

To broadcast on TV a photo or video with your tablet you can also without any special technologies. Almost every modern TV supports the DLNA standard (if it is a Smart TV, it just supports). Mobile devices also are able to transmit media content via DLNA. (Android sure can, also iOS, and Windows Phone such a possibility has appeared after updating to 8.1).

Как вывести изображение с планшета на телевизор 3 способа DLNAIn order to configure the stream photos and videos over the air from your tablet on your TV, you want the TV and tablet were connected to the same Wi-Fi network (one wifi router).

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To broadcast photos, videos and music on the big screen with an Android tablet or iPad need to install a special application from Google Play or App Store. Most of them (for example, Flipps, iMediaShare) free of charge. In the app select the TV to create a pair. Moreover, these applications often offer users many different streaming services, films and music, as well as the ability to stream content from apps Photos, Videos and Music.


As you can see, to connect the tablet to your TV in several ways. It all depends on whether your TV Wi-Fi available on a tablet the HDMI connector. In order to display the image on the TV, use the most optimal option.

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