Memory card for smartphone selection criteria

Memory card for smartphone selection criteria

Despite the fact that the amount of memory in modern smartphones is constantly growing, sooner or later comes the moment when it ends and then we are thinking about buying a memory card (if the smartphone supports it).

Modern memory cards for smartphones must meet the following requirements: reliability, adequate volume, and maximum data transfer speed when reading and writing.

But how do you know what is the difference between a memory card which one is supported by your smartphone? This you will learn after reading this article.

The contents

  1. Three types of microSD memory cards
  2. Select the optimal media volume
  3. Classes of memory cards
  4. Standard write speed Ultra High Speed (UHS)
  5. Important criteria: compatibility and reliability
  6. The results

Three types of microSD memory cards

Карта памяти для смартфона критерии выбора – тип карты памятиAll modern smart phones that support a memory card, use the card format MicroSD.

Depending on the volume, they are divided into three types:

  1. microSD maximum capacity of 2 GB.
  2. microSDHC (High Capacity) — capacity from 4 GB to 32 GB.
  3. microSDXC (Extended Capacity) — 32 GB to 200 GB (in theory up to 2TB).

Select the optimal media volume

Карта памяти для смартфона критерии выбора – оптимальный объемIn order to avoid mistakes when choosing a memory card, look in the specifications of the smartphone which cards it supports. If the device is inexpensive, we do not recommend to use memory cards larger than 32 GB, whereas the majority of modern smartphones-flagships easy to work with cards with a volume of 200 GB.

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The cost of the card memory depends on its volume and speed class. If the volume is clear, then, about the classes we will discuss next.

Classes of memory cards

All memory cards format MicroSD are divided into classes. Classes C2 — C8 gradually fading. Currently on the market are mainly card class ten (C10). Their value is different from the “younger” models slightly, however, besides the fact that these cards are faster, they also have the best protection from dust, water, heat and cold.

The numbers in the class indicate the minimum data rate when recording.

Карта памяти для смартфона критерии выбора – классы карт памятиTo answer the question: “What class memory card is best for a smartphone?”. Of course class C10. Class specified on the card. For example, if the card is of class C10, it will be a figure 10.

Карта памяти для смартфона критерии выбора – 10 класс

Standard write speed Ultra High Speed (UHS)

Recently manufacturers have developed a new standard in memory cards with the UHS (Ultra High Speed — ultra high speed), which guarantees a minimum speed of 10 MB/sec.

In standard there are two UHS speed class:

  • UHS Speed Class 1: minimum rate when writing 10 MB/sec.
  • UHS Speed Class 3: the minimum speed when recording 30 MB/sec.

Карта памяти для смартфона критерии выбора – UHS Speed Class 1Real speed of record/reading of such memory cards reaches 40-90 MB/sec. Such speeds needed for fast backup and video recording in 4K.

What UHS memory card better? Where marking U3 — letter U inscribed it with a three. U1 also will fit, although it’s still preferable the first option is the speed class UHS U3.

In standard UHS developed two formats of data transfer UHS-I and UHS-II. They vary in speed and are also identified by markings in Roman numerals.

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Карта памяти для смартфона критерии выбора – UHS Speed Class 3Unfortunately, today a memory card format UHS-II supported only a small number of models of smartphones, but the formats UHS-I and UHS-II backwards compatible. This means that you can put in the phone card UHS-II, and it will work, however data transfer speed will be limited to format UHS-I.

Important criteria: compatibility and reliability

Карта памяти для смартфона критерии выбора – совместимостьWhen choosing a memory card for the smartphone, we must note that the microSDHC and microSDXC formats are not supported by all smartphone models.

The microSD card will fit, even the budget smartphone, while the microSDHC and microSDXC cards can be placed, if the technical characteristics of the smartphone indicated that it supports this format.

When choosing a card, you also need to consider this option, as its “lifetime”. Well-known manufacturers guarantee the operation of its products for up to five years. In practice, memory cards work much longer.

Even in case of everyday use (permanent recording and erasing music files, photos and videos, and installing apps) memory cards capable of operating more than a decade. Most likely, you will quickly change the memory card due to the fact that it will become obsolete than by reason of its failure.

The results

Summing up, the proposed algorithm, which will help you to choose the best memory card for your smartphone:

  1. Find out what type of memory card the phone supports: microSDHC, or microSDXC. If microSDXC — you can buy any memory card. If microSDHC cards only microSDHC and microSD;
  2. Choose card U3 UHS, although UHS U1 will fit. Because all these cards will have a class-10 by default, the manufacturers can even be omitted;
  3. Do not overpay for card format UHS-II. Today, most smartphones still don’t support, so you will be quite a UHS-I.
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If you have any questions, ask them in the comments!

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