6502 Key features and range of bikes Bulls
Key features and range of bikes Bulls

Key features and range of bikes Bulls

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Key features and range of bikes Bulls

Lately, more and more people are worried about their health. Someone goes on a healthy diet and refuses to bad habits, and someone starts doing sports. However, not everyone can bring myself to regularly visit a gym and an excellent alternative for people can be a Bicycle.

If You are planning to purchase a relatively inexpensive but high-quality bike, pay attention to the company’s products Bulls. Release bikes Bulls runs the biggest German concern ZEG, who is the leader of Cycling in Germany since 1966. ZEG policy focuses on the domestic German market, but despite this the products ZEG has long gained a strong position in other European countries.

Apart from the fact that under the brand Bulls produced bikes, the company also sponsors its own team of riders, which year after year shows good results and praises the brand.

The range of bikes Bulls presented a wide range of models in different price ranges, so that every person can find exactly the bike that will suit him in all respects.

The history of the company

Главные особенности и модельный ряд велосипедов Bulls – история компанииA separate section of our article we want to dedicate the history of bikes Bulls.

Biography of the manufacturer is a very important part of its history because, as we know, “an Apple from the Apple does not fall far”. If the manufacturer has a good reputation, and success grow every year, hardly anyone will speak about the low quality of its products.

The company Bulls appeared on the Ukrainian market relatively recently, however, this term has already become very popular. Call Bulls bikes cheap impossible, but, as we know, “free cheese is only in a mousetrap”, so the prices of products Bulls are all appropriate.


The main advantage of any company is the wide range of its products. As they say, so many roads, so many models, because each environment Catania has special nuances. Cyclists, of course, consider them not always, but the manufacturer is obliged to do.

As in the case of other self-respecting brands, Bulls has a fairly wide range of bicycles for any occasion. Produced under the brand name Bulls road, city, suspended mountain bikes, hardtail, and extreme, women’s and children’s models. In order to choose the right bike, first decide what style of riding you closer.

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Главные особенности и модельный ряд велосипедов Bulls – шоссейные велосипедыWhat could be better than to “fly” at great speed on smooth asphalt? Even despite the fact that in Ukraine there are ways to find quite difficult, it does not stop fans like skating.

Road bikes Bulls will allow you to ride with the wind (and some — even with the hurricane), because some models have 30 speed (Ancura 2, 3 Vulture, 1 Night Hawk, and others). In addition to a large number of speeds, road bikes should be light weight and narrow wheels, and all this, of course, inherent to the products Bulls.

It should be noted that “roadies” is also perfect for walks on city streets (most importantly, that they were relatively smooth asphalt).


Главные особенности и модельный ряд велосипедов Bulls – горные велосипедыBikes that belong to this group are an excellent option for trips to the mountain, forest and every other terrain, and Biking on the roads. Thanks to its versatility and endurance these bikes are the most popular.

People focused on sports competitions in off-piste terrain, it is better to pay attention to the hardtail, whereas if You want to get maximum comfort when driving on very hilly and uneven roads, I advise you to buy a suspension.

To see detailed information and buy mountain bikes Bulls.


Главные особенности и модельный ряд велосипедов Bulls – круизерыA particular group in the product range Bulls owned bikes Cruiser Series (Cruisers). It is fashionable, stylish and exclusive bike for riding around town. The main element of the cruisers is in city squares, parks, boulevards, and charming promenades.

Typically, the frame of the cruiser, has a smooth curve, which for the most part, is purely decorative in nature. It should be noted that due to the increased comfort of long trips on these bikes are not so tiring.

The majority of Bulls cruisers feature a comfortable armchair with several springs, which significantly reduces vibration and shaking.


Главные особенности и модельный ряд велосипедов Bulls – городские велосипедыAs we have said, in the city you can ride any bike including road and mountain, but given the fact that walking in an urban environment you will not need to overcome high hills and bumps, a major role in the choice of this bike will play its design (especially for women).

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The model number of their products Bulls has a beautiful urban bikes, the most popular of which are Recreation, Cross street, Cross racer, Cross rider fit for fun and female the city of Snowflake.

To see detailed information and buy city bikes Bulls.


Главные особенности и модельный ряд велосипедов Bulls – детские велосипедыBike for a child is the best entertainment. Besides the fact that it brings pleasure, it also contributes to the physiological development of the child, so the investment in buying a child’s Bicycle is always justified.

The model number of the product Bulls have several children’s bikes, the most successful of which is the model Tokee 16. Made in various colours, this comfortable and harmonious bike will love you and your child.

Many believe that bikes for children are not very wear resistance and toughness, however, in the case of Bulls bikes it is not so. German Bicycle manufacturer that have robust components: durable aluminum rims, Innova tyres, two brakes (front and rear) and a rigid fork made of steel.


Главные особенности и модельный ряд велосипедов Bulls – электровелосипедыNowadays, more and more popular are beginning to use e-bikes, and the company Bulls strongly supports this trend. E-bikes from this manufacturer meet all the requirements of “electric mobility” in races on rough terrain and can cope with the most extreme conditions.

In the category Cross Country-E presents e-bike equipped with an engine power of 250 W, which can be used for movement in the countryside and for riding on city streets.

Initially, the hardtail was designed for driving on rough terrain, so they are relatively light weight. On a smooth road this bike will make you happy with a maximum speed of 25 km/h, and thanks to the electric motor You will not graze the rear on steep climbs.

Главные особенности и модельный ряд велосипедов Bulls – электровелосипеды E-bikes All-Mountain-E was designed for difficult roads. A mounting system these bikes effectively equalizes additional weight of the actuator and the battery, and you just have to enjoy driving.

Thanks to two cushioning springs with 120 mm stroke front and rear wheel, these small obstacles like stones, road bumps and tree roots is almost not felt.

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If You have a relatively good driving experience, and consider yourself a professional, pay attention to the bikes Cross. Where ever You are riding on dirty roads or in the urban jungle, the electrical Cross Rider-E is the epitome of a harmonious combination of the latest technology and sporty elegance.

In the line of electric bikes Bulls everyone can find the “taste”. Whether it’s XC and hardtail electric for use on the road, or drugpolicy-road vehicles. Bulls represents a full range of models that will allow you to fully enjoy nature and get maximum pleasure. Powerful batteries provide the power consumption on average 400 W/h and allow to cover the distance to over 100 miles depending on driving style and terrain.

Professional race with support from BULLS

Главные особенности и модельный ряд велосипедов Bulls – профессиональные гонкиIn 2007, the Bulls team joined the professional racing bicycles, and thus added another Chapter to the amazing story of his success.

Team members Bulls are not only the representatives of the brand worldwide but also an active tool in the development of production, which are testing innovative products.

Team Bulls quickly took a leading position in international marathon races. Every bike that creates a company, carries a piece of years of experience training and racing professionals such as Karl Platt, Urs Huber and Stefan Sahm.

Despite the high expert assessment from the developers and devotion to the leading of professional athletes, few could have expected that team Bulls will be celebrating victory in the most difficult marathon races within the first year of their participation.

The team won a resounding victory in the competition of the Cape Epic (South Africa), Transalp (Austria, Germany) and Trans Germany in 2007, and Karl Platt and Stefan Sahm made a lot of noise in the world of racing competitions and provided the team an excellent start.

In subsequent years, the team Friedmann Smude (Friedemann Schmude) steadily moved to the pedestal and received various championship titles. Supporting cyclists such as Simon Stiebjahn and Martin Frey, the company Bulls provides an opportunity for young racers to get experience among these professionals and achieve your own success.

View detailed information and purchase the bikes Bull.

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