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Everywhere we are surrounded by different devices and technologies, but sometimes I want to leave all that aside and spend time with family or friends. Many will say that without gadgets today and to do nothing, but it is not so. To pass a few hours will help designers wooden Ugears. They are assembled without glue, screwdrivers and other tools, and the result will surely surprise. Just imagine what a heap of sticks and rubber bands you can with your hands to assemble a working musical instrument or even a train to ride. Until November 26 on the designer discount of 40%.

To receive the discount you need when ordering any designer to enter the promo code Black.

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Ugears Харди-Гарди

After you build this designer get a real musical instrument on which to play. Hurdy-gurdy consists of 292 parts cut by laser with 0.01 mm. Assembly, it will take approximately 4-5 hours. The kit includes rosin to clean the wheels. Not to be mistaken at assemblage, you can use the detailed instructions. Assembled hurdy-gurdy has a handle, a rotating wheel and six buttons. Twisting the handle, as in a music box, and pressing keys, you can play as the bagpipes. Also, the hurdy-gurdy has two strings: one for keys and another for tuning a musical interval. To play this instrument does not need music education: the bundle includes tablature several tunes, having mastered that you can experiment with their combination.

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Ugears Шкатулка

Box designer from Ugears consists of 190 elements. The Assembly will take on average 2 to 3 hours. Once assembled, it looks like a small work of art. The box is suitable for girls of any age for storage of valuables and their little secrets. The key is embedded in the cover, but not knowing this, one can hardly get to the content. For removing the key you want to rotate it clockwise, then insert into the lock and turn counterclockwise. If you do it right, the lid will start to open as a result of the turning of small gears inside.

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Locomotive with tender

Ugears Локомотив

The locomotive with tender is considered to be one of the most complex and interesting designers Ugears. It consists of 443 individual parts and its Assembly, as says the manufacturer, it takes about 10-12 hours. First need to assemble the frame, and then to him one after another to strengthen the mechanisms. The end result is a small engine. All items such as doors, stairs, and roofs, movable, and tender you can use as a box. The locomotive is able to travel independently up to five meters along the rails included in the set, or any smooth surface. The weight of the assembled model is 1 382 grams, and its length is 47 centimeters.

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Safe with three-digit code

Ugears Сейф

Safe with three-digit code from Ugears will not leave anyone indifferent. This model is quite suitable as a gift, because it is really possible to store important items or money. Collecting designer of the 179 individual parts, you are getting the real storage with a three digit combination lock. The size of the safe is 20х18х18 cm, and its Assembly will require about 6-7 hours.

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Everything needed for Assembly included with each designer. It requires no difficult manipulation or special tools. Together with the designer you get detailed instructions and if you follow it — will be no trouble. All designers Ugears made of high quality carefully laser-cut plywood. In her carefully planned details that can easily be extruded from the grooves. Due to the same laser treatment all parts are smooth and you do not damage the hands. Ugears offers over 10 different models, so everyone will find something to taste. Now this purchase is especially beneficial — for promotion code Black designers at a discount of 40%.

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