Consultant, Google advised the buyer to cut the cord Buds Pixel

Consultant, Google advised the buyer to cut the cord Buds Pixel

If you remember, during the announcement of the new generation of smartphones Pixel, the search giant introduced its branded headphones Buds Pixelwith which there was a very interesting story.

In early October in new York and Los Angeles have opened outlet stores of Google, one of which is located in Manhattan.

One of the users of the forum Reddit was in a store, he was approached by the consultant with the offer to purchase new earbuds Buds Pixel. The buyer said that he already has these headphones, and he hopes that a future generation of headphone will be completely wireless, as AirPods.Наушники Pixel BudsAt that employee of Google said that the cable in these headphones does not perform any role and it can be cut. Once the buyer explained to the seller that it is not so, he said that the buyer is better not to tell anyone such nonsense. After this incident, on the website the search giant flaunts the inscription:

“The cord connecting the headphones used for sound transmission. Not cut it, otherwise you’ll void your warranty!”


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