Buy PSP to 2017: best gaming gadget than your smartphone?

A couple of weeks ago, we understood, whether in our time to buy the PlayStation 4, and found that the console will be useful if the owner will be actively playing. But PS4 is an actual platform, nothing that came out three and a half years ago. And as Affairs with older devices? For example, PSP — without exaggeration, the legendary, but long covered with dust toy. Offer find out to acquire Li in 2017 live classics — or the time is irretrievably gone.

What you need to know in the first place?

The PlayStation Portable is the first and last great portable console from Sony. Its predecessor, PocketStation, never looked outside of Japan, and on the question of the success of PS Vita , you can open a discussion club.

Купить PSP в 2017-м

On sale PSP received 12 December 2004 in Japan. To the rest of the world she got only in 2005-m: 24 Mar console appeared on display in the US and September 1 in Europe. Convenient “pocket computer” started to take over the world and by 2013, sold 80 million copies. Slightly less than PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. It is not excluded that some version of “portativki” were you in Russia PSP became really popular. And for good reason. In addition to its direct function (guess which) the PSP could play music, share video, and eventually learned to surf the Internet and even work with Skype! In Russia, there is a suspicion, she became particularly beloved from the mountain of emulators: it was excellent game from SEGA MD 2, NES and the first PlayStation.

Sony clearly relied on multimedia: this is evident even in traditionally strange commercials. Scenario one: a pencil a mouse listens to the stationary cheese hiding under the storm sewer. Passes the second mouse — she wondered why her partner “listens to regular cheese”, if you’ve invented portable. “The PSP is like cheese you can listen to anywhere,” says the voice-over. Curtain.

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Now nobody will be surprised any kind of cheese — thanks to smartphones, tablets, NVIDIA Shield and other achievements of human thought. But PSP still compete with young trees: veteran hidden some cool trumps. We only need to look.

What is inside and outside?

Although, if you look at the characteristics and say. Processor 333 MHz memory in the range of 32-64 MB, and built-in four megabytes of physical memory. The screen is 4.3 inches. Resolution — 480×272. Some ridiculous figures by today’s standards, when even the Chinese smartphone OCTA core I processors. But don’t forget that console came out 13 years ago — by the standards of the game industry is still the 17th century.

Over the thirteen years the PSP has gone through many changes. The first redesign was announced at E3 2007 — PSP 2000 (in Russia better known as Slim & Lite) at 30% lighter and 20% smaller, have a video out. Right step, given that the original “fatty” weighed nearly 300 pounds and was quite bulky.

Купить PSP в 2017-м

The next version — PSP-3000. On the front side there’s a hole for the microphone, and the design has changed slightly. The inscription “Sony” rode to the top left corner, the button “Home” has grown logo PS, little has changed “combat” keys.

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But the main thing — to change the display. Sony has promised a wide color gamut and bright colors. And so it happened: if you compare the picture of the PSP-2000 and PSP-3000, the second will be much more contrast. However, the “three thousand” was the problem — irritating flicker. The thing is that the new screen was used the method of interlacing, which makes the image, especially in dynamics, it was “waves” (this effect is called “combing”). Technowiki was unhappy, PSP-3000 has received a lot of kicks for this deficiency.

Купить PSP в 2017-м

Apparently, Sony decided that they were not fans, so the next redesign turned the PSP… the slider. PSP Go is the controversial version in the whole collection. It was smaller (the screen shrank to 3.8 inches, almost like the fifth iPhone), no UMD drive, and the ergonomics left much to be desired users complained about the pain in the fingers. Built-in 16 GB memory and Bluetooth did not save the situation — Go safely added to the list of failures of Sony.

Купить PSP в 2017-м

Finally, in 2011, came the latest version of the PSP E1000 (Street). A reference to the original “one thousand” for a reason: handholder almost the same in size and design. The console was positioned as a budget for people with limited income (or unwillingness to spend money on the game). With Eldorado cut functionality: missing Wi-Fi module, microphone, stereo speakers (left one, left), video output. A number of “administrative” buttons moved to the lower part, hiding under the protective film users then complained that there are traces of taps. Poor quality build “pleased” with gaps in the housing and backlash. For someone a fatal problem became a non-removable battery: it was impossible to take the second “battery” on the train and three days of being cooped up in Monster Hunter.

Купить PSP в 2017-м

But easily soiled glossy surface is gone: E1000 confidently lay the hand not covered with fingerprints. I changed the screen — the main problem PSP-3000. Interlace is gone, the colors are “quieter”, but Eurogamer with experts from Digital Foundry praised this step: before, they say, was unnatural contrast. Some buyers, however, swore at the angles. 15-20 degrees below\above — and the picture painted in “negative”. However, the main plus E1000 overlaps the top of the console cost by 30-35% cheaper than the “three thousand”.

In that play?

Wow. Go over the top: the three branches from GTA (Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, Chinatown Wars), LocoRoco, Patapon, MGS: Peace Walker, God of War: Chains of Olympus, Monster Hunter Freedom, Burnout: Legends, Resistance: Retribution and both Syphon Filter parts. Most of the (then) exclusives — mingled version of “big” games. However, we did not hesitate to praise Liberty City Stories when it came to the iOS, and not played Peace Walker never allowed into the Church witnesses Kojima. So the projects have been trimmed though, but cool.

Купить PSP в 2017-м

PSP has long been nothing released, but the library over the years has accumulated a chic — a multiplatform not spared the gadget side. You can play all sorts of hateful Worms, and in the abyss of sports simulation, and LittleBigPlanet. Of course, they all seem by modern standards, poorly — even some Dead Trigger for iPhone looks better.

But the PlayStation Portable is also a ticket in the past, in glorious nostalgic times when happiness was enough rectangular things in a backpack and 20 minutes between classes. But if you download a pack of emulators, the console will take you even further — in very very early childhood or adolescence took place in the past Millennium.

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Купить PSP в 2017-м

On the PSP you can safely start the classics with “Dandy” and “Shogi” as well as with the first PlayStation. Console buttons safely combined with the original, and in good cases, the emulator is almost posed as if the official port. Of course, the PSP had flash.


What soul twist “portative” went to people not least because of a simple break-in procedures. Even now you can easily flash any version any version — at the very least have to do a simple downgrade. The whole process takes no more than five minutes, opening up lots of possibilities. Not only free games and emulators, but a program: for example, Opera or a whole series of “e-readers”.

Купить PSP в 2017-м

In fact, even if you are an ideological fighter against piracy, “officially” to interact with the PSP you have, most likely, will not work. Sony three years ago chopped off a full entry into the European PSN for devices — directly from the console, you can only download what you already purchased. In 2016, the same story happened in North America. Buy the game on PSN is still possible — so go with any device in the store, there is something to gain, then go already PSP download. You can do otherwise — to take the project on the PS3, and with her already to throw on the “portative”. In theory, you can look for original UMD discs, but it is an option for people with excess free time.

First or second hand?

Sony long ago curtailed sales and production consoles, so to find it on the shelves is practically impossible, the Holy place took of the PS Vita (which is also time to retire). But online there’s something: on the page “Yandex.The market is” hanging as much as two sentences — “two-thousand” is offered for 8-10 thousand rubles. A bit sudden, isn’t it? Nothing — the sellers from the German Amazon ready to part with E1000 budget for the “measly” 250 euros. In any case, we translate for the Humanities is about 17 thousand rubles. PS4 is 30 euros more expensive.

Купить PSP в 2017-м

For any reasonable person the choice is obvious: take with it. Here the price tag is not scary — if you really want to, you can meet a thousand rubles. But if be generous and throw it a couple of pieces of paper with types of Yaroslavl, you can count on the Royal kit with case, cord, a case and a second battery.

And carefully make sure that the memory card was already in the kit. Because the license of Memory Stick Pro Duo from Sony will cost more most PSP, and the Chinese equivalent will slow down. Output adapters for Micro-SD, and, the miniature cards, which are inexpensive and work quickly. Unfortunately, the Council are out of date for owners of the PSP Go — it takes quite a rare Sony Memory Stick Micro. Not enough built-in 16 gigabytes? One more troubles.

Купить PSP в 2017-м

When buying, look closely at the version, ask about the firmware and examine the console for damage. PSP was relatively strong, but falling to the pavement suffered with pain and further whims. The main value of the screen: it should be long without scratches and cracks. And, of course, do not forget to turn the device on from dead pixels, no one is immune.

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A separate caveat for potential buyers E1000. As we remember, she has a removable battery. Batteries, meanwhile, over time, age — work much less than once at the dawn of youth. Therefore, your new-old PSP could die just a couple of days after the transaction. But it’s not so bad — the battery can still be removed. Have raskurochit enclosure, disconnect the display and the motherboard, but in the end get through to the battery — it is attached to a regular train. New one will cost about 700 rubles.

All sorts of pribludy?

If you do not take into account a million variations of covers and cases, accessories for PSP was not so much. But those that have — very interesting. For example, a GPS adapter and TV tuner. The first fine was used in MGS: Portable Ops — the satellite signal is allowed to enemies.

[embedded content]

But the coolest thing was the camera. Go! He was pricecialis to the device and allowed me to not only record video but also chat through Go!Messenger and even video conferencing. And its improved version was working as a guide in augmented reality. In the game Invizimals virtual interface combined with the “eye” of the camera. Unbelievable but true: this your Pokemon GO appeared ten years ago.


Disadvantages of PSP obvious. This console originally from the first half of the two thousandth, that affects. Sony haven’t supported, so all the repairs — workshops in different degrees of reliability. Condition used consoles could be anything: maybe PSP prayed and blew off the dust, maybe cleaned her clogged sink. Over the years behind technology: graphics, of course, surprised, but hardly in a pleasant way.

Купить PSP в 2017-м

One stick does not allow to turn around in shooters — the device came out in the days when shooting with a gamepad is still considered a special form of masochism. In General, this is an analogue of the iconic vehicle of the last century — cool and vintage, but be prepared for small issues and a slight headache.


Actually, the PSP more potential buyers than you might think. First, the prefix can be regarded as a gift to a younger relative: let them touch the real classics, not all Minecraft on the smartphone to drive. Yes, and if you break, no pity. Lovers of retro will also appreciate. Where there is still a lot of cool 10-15-20-year-old games? Like PSP and living on mission, if the mobile game you are unable to watch without fear and retching, then Peace Walker and Wipeout will restore your faith in humanity.

Whether to buy the PlayStation Portable in 2017?


  • a large library of cool games;
  • in the secondary market the console will cost a couple of thousand rubles;
  • let’s be honest — the PSP is very convenient for piracy;
  • it’s still a mediacompany: you can watch movies, listen to music, go to the browser.


  • the graphics in games is, of course, is outdated;
  • support is long over — if that happens, will only help in the “garage”;
  • new (not used) copies hardly find, and those that have — are hellishly expensive.

Author: Illia Bozhko


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