Laptops follow users

Edward Dvornichenko


Laptops follow users

The Swiss company Modzero found the problem safe laptops HP. Installed in some models the audio driver contained lines of code, which recorded all of the keystrokes that were made by the user.

The data gathered was kept in a separate file on your computer’s hard drive is not encrypted and the attacker, having access to a computer, he could get information which contains usernames, passwords, Bank card numbers, and other important and confidential information.

Ноутбуки HP следят за пользователямиAbout this the staff Modzero reported in representation HP, 10 days prior to the publication of their research. HP confirmed that this is indeed their error and the code was not supposed to be in the final version of the driver. To resolve this error, they released the necessary patches that will remove the script that reads input data and a log file, which contained data about the input.

Corrected data are available via the Windows Update tool, as well as published on the official website of HP.

To find out whether this is the vulnerability you check the presence of files C:\Windows\System32\MicTray.exe or C:\Windows\System32\MicTray64.exe. Also don’t forget to update your operating system and drivers to your equipment is the key to your safety.

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