6763 LG And Tokujin Yoshioka presented S. F. _SENSES OF THE FUTURE at the design week in Milan
LG And Tokujin Yoshioka presented S. F. _SENSES OF THE FUTURE at the design week in Milan

LG And Tokujin Yoshioka presented S. F. _SENSES OF THE FUTURE at the design week in Milan

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LG And Tokujin Yoshioka presented S. F. _SENSES OF THE FUTURE at the design week in Milan

4 through 9 April at the site is Superstudio Più , design Week in Milan. It is the largest reputable world-scale event in the field of design. It is here presented a joint project of LG Electronics and Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka scale light installation S. F_Senses of the Future. This work aims to illustrate the relationship of human senses with the natural world and emphasize the design philosophy of LG that focuses on user convenience.

Exposition S. F_Senses of the Future combines the advanced technology of LG and innovative experimental techniques Tokujin Yoshioka, offering the audience to plunge into the world of emotions and to lift the veil of the future. One of the installations of the exhibition conveys an idealized vision of the future on the example of the object of everyday use – S. F-chair. In this invention embodies the concept of a new modern world. 17 S. F, chairs and unique LG OLED displays are combined in at the same time static and dynamic installation. Double-sided panels, emitting a blinding flash, symbolizing the thought process of a person in a rapidly changing world. The guests of the exhibition can sit on the S. F-the chairs and dive into the realistic visuals, which shows on displays of the new generation.

LG and Tokujin Yoshioka Milano DesignWeek 3Another part of the exhibition – installation the Wall of the Sun (“Wall of the sun”) – is a structure of size 16 m wide and 5 m high, which consists of 30 000 OLED modules, fundamentally different from ordinary lamps. The wall emits a soft sparkling rays of light, reminding us of warm and Sunny days. The installation demonstrates how lighting upgrades space in the near future.

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“The partnership with LG was a unique experience for me, as well as the ability to create previously unseen works of art, says Tokujin Yoshioka. – I believe that looking at this large-scale installation, created on the basis of modern technologies of LG, the audience will re-assess their attitude to the natural world and the world of the senses.”

LG and Tokujin Yoshioka Milano DesignWeek 1“We are glad to fruitful cooperation with Tokujiro Yoshioka and implementation of creative ideas of the designer, which gave the technology LG new meaning, says But Chan-Ho, head of corporate design LG Electronics. – The design philosophy of LG is to expand the field of application of innovative technologies and underlines the importance of human experience in the process of creating a new world. This joint exhibition was a unique opportunity to see different interpretations of the future. The project demonstrates the commitment of the LG to improve the lives of consumers with innovative solutions.”

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