3207 LG reveals new details about the upcoming G6
LG reveals new details about the upcoming G6

LG reveals new details about the upcoming G6

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Before the presentation of the new flagship smartphone LG G6 only a few days, but the manufacturer does not cease to whet the interest of users before the official announcement. LG said that the famous industrial designer and CEO of the Danish design Studio David Lewis Designers Torsten WAHLER recently reviewed the new LG G6 and praised the device, calling it “the perfect combination of beautiful shape, excellent functionality and ease of use,” which, in his opinion, is the most important for any smartphone. Based on first experience of using smartphones Torsten WAHLER noted that the basis of a good industrial design is not only attractive appearance, but also care about users. He believes that the screen format FullVision attracts the attention of the user, and other elements of the design not distracting.


“I believe that when you see LG G6, take it in hand and examine from all sides, you will appreciate the effort you put into creating each detail of this smartphone!”, – said Torsten WAHLER.

LG G6 is designed in a minimalist design and pleasant to the touch materials. Brushed metal frame around the phone accentuates the unity of style. Cover of the smartphone is made completely flat with no protruding camera module, which protects it from damage. The designer also praised the ergonomics of the model LG G6, as easy to manage with one hand.

Also LG said that she spent a number of more hard than usual tests to evaluate the health of the smartphone in the most adverse conditions. During the test, the durability is evaluated separately resistance to temperature, humidity, dust, moisture and other foreign particles, shock, drop and other potentially dangerous effects. In these tests, the various elements of the design of the smartphone, including the processor, screen, battery, camera and fingerprint scanner, are tested.

“With the release of the G6 model we derive standards of reliability and quality to a whole new level. As always, the company LG produces reliable products of excellent quality, which is guaranteed ongoing trials. Consumers fully trust our products,” said Lee Sook-Jong, senior Vice President and head of international activities of LG Mobile Communications.

In the course of a new comprehensive climate testing machine LG smartphone to the influence of a number of factors simultaneously, which allows to assess the reliability of its components in a variety of situations. To improve the reliability of the company is focused on two major aspects: heat dissipation and battery life. The heat dissipation has been improved by installing heat pipe, which together with new design solutions have improved the reliability of the battery.

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According to LG, one of the main challenges when designing a reliable smartphone is to ensure optimal heat dissipation. Excessive heat not only heats the housing so that its uncomfortable to hold, but is the main reason for the reduction in battery life. LG G6 this problem was solved by installing special heat tube made of copper and high thermal conductivity. Heat sink system the model LG G6 helps to lower CPU temperature by 6-10%. Moreover, the design of the smartphone LG G6 for better heat dissipation, increased distance between the processor and other heat source controller display.

Presentation LG G6 will take place on 26 February at the MWC in Barcelona in 2017.

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