10754 LG V30 can be a slider phone with two OLED screens

LG V30 can be a slider phone with two OLED screens

Smartphones line G are considered to be the flagship of the company LG, but in recent years more advanced solutions first appear in the V-series. Recently, the network appeared the first sketches and renderings of the future LG V30. According to him, the display will occupy almost the entire front side and rear of the smartphone will be similar to the current LG G6. Known insider Evan Blass, known as @evleaks, published in Twitter an image of the old prototype LG V30 with the code name Joan, which differ significantly from what we saw earlier.

LG V30

Judging by these images, LG V30 will be made in the form factor slider. On the back of the smartphone there are three cameras. It is possible that one has a standard angle, the second angle and the third for measurement of the depth of field to take pictures with blurred background. The front camera is no less interesting. The upper part extends, and beneath it is another OLED display.

LG V30

The second screen can be used for quick access to your favorite applications, or display various useful information without taking up space on the main screen. It can be shown keyboard, the buttons controlling the music player and other content depending on the currently running application.

Evan Blass said that this is an early prototype, and he has no information on whether LG has continued to develop it. In any case, such a solution looks very unusual and fresh.

Source: 4pda.ru

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