Light Phone is the phone for those who are tired of technologies

In modern smartphones, the phone function has been on the back burner. More often people use “pocket computers” for social networking, browsing, correspondence, messengers, control smart appliances, listening to music, making photo, photography video, games, navigation and other tasks. But there are those who do not need these functions. These users can choose the standard push-button telephone, or something more modern, like a Light Phone. This device was introduced in 2015 on Kickstarter, and it’s now available for pre-order everyone.

Light Phone

Light Phone has the most minimalistic design. It is made in a flat rectangular case the size of a credit card. The main functions of this apparatus are two – to make and receive calls. Also, it can display time and store up to nine numbers. It has no touchscreen, Internet support, and even send/receive SMS messages.

Light Phone

Unfortunately, Light Phone is not available to everyone. It comes with a built-in blocked SIM card compatible with 2G GSM networks in the US, and the service costs $5 per month. The user necessarily need a smartphone and a special app to forward calls to Phone Light.

Light Phone can be ordered for $150.


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