Best Android apps for guitarists

Best Android apps for guitarists

If You dream of becoming a rock star, but I can’t master the guitar, don’t worry because besides the tedious and uninteresting books printed on paper, there are special Android application that will be able to make you a true guitar guru.

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To start is to decide what help can be a smartphone player. First, the smartphone can be used as a tuner. Many guitarists have a regular tuner for guitar, but the quality of the application it does not concede.

Another popular among guitarists device is the metronome. Practicing with a metronome can and should for a long time to develop a sense of rhythm. You can buy a real metronome, but why do it if you have a smartphone.

In addition, in this article we will look at a variety of music apps. They can hardly be categorized, but they are absolutely worth your attention and spent money on them.

Peterson iStroboSoft Tuner

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Peterson iStroboSoft Tuner Logo

  • Developer: Peterson Electro-Musical Products, Inc.
  • Price: 249,99 UAH.

Solid firm Peterson, a manufacturer of expensive professional music tuners, and created a special mobile application. It costs 249,99 UAH, however, is nothing compared with similar analog products of the company, standing 50 times higher.

The main features of the Peterson iStroboSoft Tuner:

  • — accurate adjustment of the reference A (in 0.1 Hz);
  • — calibration from an external source;
  • — The “Capo”-a mode that allows “virtual” to change the tone;
  • — full screen mode high accuracy at a 2-pallavam gesture;
  • — noise reduction;
  • — boost mode for quiet instruments.

In comparison with other apps-tuners, Peterson iStroboSoft Tuner is much more precise picks up sounds and has a much more rich functionality.

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Peterson iStroboSoft TunerDownload app Peterson iStroboSoft Tuner for Android:

qr-code - Peterson iStroboSoft Tuner

Tuner — DaTuner Pro

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Tuner - DaTuner Pro Logo

  • Developer: Applaud Apps
  • Price: 54,99 UAH.

Tuner — DaTuner Pro is a versatile, accurate and sensitive chromatic tuner for Android with a simple interface. This app is among the top most popular Android programs Audio. This app installed for about 50,000 people, including more than 1 391 users rated it 5 stars.

The main features of the app Tuner DaTuner Pro:

  • — the ability to adjust the frequency;
  • — auto-sensitivity — no configuration necessary;
  • — bright, easy to read picture;
  • — speed of operation and accuracy;
  • — no dead zones — when properly configured, the screen changes to green;
  • — the lack of advertising.

The application interface is laid out in such a way that the users only have to worry about music, and about anything else. As soon as You open Tuner — DaTuner Pro, You will see the image in the center of the note, which is available at the moment, the indicator of decibels on the left and the frequency display in Hz below. That’s all.

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Tuner - DaTuner ProDownload app Tuner DaTuner Pro for Android:

qr-code - Tuner - DaTuner Pro

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords Logo

  • Developer: Ultimate Guitar USA LLC
  • Cost: 19,99 UAH.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords is a mobile version of the world’s largest catalog of chords, tabs and guitar and ukulele with lyrics. The app contains 500 000 different songs — just think about that number! If you are going to learn 5 songs each day, in order to learn everything you will need 200 years.

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The main features of Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords:

  • recent and popular compositions;
  • — guitar tabs, notes and chords to more than 500 000 songs;
  • — display fingerings of chords inside a song with several options for each chord;
  • — daily complimentary replenishment;
  • — offline access to the tabs;
  • mode for left-handed use;
  • — search by type, difficulty, tonality and rating;
  • — autoscroll with adjustable speed.

Additional features (available via in-app purchases):

  • — 250 000 interactive tabs with playback capability on the phone.
  • — separate tracks for guitars, bass, drums;
  • — accurate tuner;
  • — convenient metronome;
  • — chord library with over 2 mln chords;
  • — printout of tablature.

Additional app features will help you to learn to play the guitar from scratch, or test your knowledge about the tool (available via in-app purchases).

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Ultimate Guitar Tabs & ChordsDownload app Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords for Android:

qr-code - Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords


Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Chord! Logo

  • Developer: RabugenTom
  • Price: 94,99 UAH.

App Chord! Will help you learn to play the guitar, set it up and create wonderful music. The app is a reliable tool that is based on calculations and analysis, not just on the database and helps users to master the concept and theory of chords.

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Chord!Download app Chord! for Android:

qr-code - Chord!

Jamstar Acoustics-Learn Guitar

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Jamstar Acoustics-Learn Guitar Logo

  • Developer: Livetune LTD
  • Cost: free

App Jamstar Acoustics-Learn Guitar from Israeli Studio Livetune LTD is one of the most practical tools for playing the guitar.

The idea is simple – you tune your guitar and then play the notes or chords. The app listens as you play and then asks to continue or to repeat notes. And you repeat this until until you start playing as it should. The application makes comments about your game and gives useful tips to enable you to move from simple battle chords G-C-D to more complex works.

To use the app even beginners – chord charts clearly displayed on the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

Kobi Stok has created an application, using a couple of “polyphonic algorithms” to recognize chords and notes. He raised the musician from tel Aviv, and until this project, had to work in SAP. The team received an $800,000 from various investors, including Jeff Pulver and the Micro Angel Fund.

The idea for the app came when Kobi Stok noticed that his friends play Guitar Hero and not learn anything in the game. In turn, the application acts as a “real” guitar hero. Listening to how you play and react almost without delay, JamStar helps you understand how well you sound.

“Recently we began to cooperate with the leading publisher in the field of music education Alfred and got the rights to the use of leading music catalogs from such bands as Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Muse, R. E. M., Evanescence and many others. Through this collaboration, we recently were able to run lessons based on hits,” said Asa Bivas, head of marketing JamStar. The company also signed a cooperation agreement with Dean Guitars to create brand lessons from this company.

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Jamstar Acoustics-Learn GuitarDownload app Jamstar Acoustics-Learn Guitar for Android:

qr-code - Jamstar Acoustics-Learn Guitar

Gibson Learn & Master Guitar

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Gibson Learn & Master Guitar Logo

  • Developer: Legacy Learning Systems
  • Cost: free

Gibson Learn & Master Guitar – this is the official app from Gibson, which will be useful for the musicians as for training and for use on stage. The app is an excellent tuner, metronome and a collection of free lessons.

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App Gibson Learn & Master Guitar will help in setting up a guitar, which the phone will listen via built-in microphone, and means, extraneous sounds should not be. Having achieved silence, you set the tool in a jiffy. In the program there is a setting for the music app can play you the sound of custom notes and show when you will achieve the correct result. The tuner is chromatic and normal, with all the notes and ponocny, very convenient.

In addition, the app includes a metronome, which is more suitable drummer, but if you write a party, just put on your headphones and play it straight. The metronome is the most simple and clear, but it has everything you need: comfortable setting the tempo scroll wheel to click on the different arrows, the choice of dimensionality, the ability to adjust tempo on the fly tap tempo and start/stop button. All done in the analog devices that gives style.

The last two tabs of the app called “Chords” and “Lessons” will allow You to learn to play the guitar. Everything is simple, choosing the right chord and see how to play it. Also there are a large number of video lessons, tap on any of them you can go to the viewing on Youtube.

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Gibson Learn & Master GuitarDownload app Gibson Learn & Master Guitar for Android:

qr-code - Gibson Learn & Master Guitar

Guitar Jam Tracks: Scale

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Guitar Jam Tracks. Scale Logo

  • Developer: Ninebuzz
  • Cost: 105,41 UAH.

The worst that can make a guitarist is to spoil the party, however, the application Guitar Jam Tracks: Scale will not let you do that. The app will tell you where it is necessary to keep the fingers to start playing like a professional and not fake.

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Guitar Jam Tracks. ScaleDownload app Guitar Jam Tracks: Scale for Android:

qr-code - Guitar Jam Tracks. Scale

PocketBand Pro

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - PocketBand Pro Logo

  • Developer: 2beat
  • Cost: 150,85 UAH.

PocketBand Pro is a functional music editor for Android, with which you can not only recycle the existing compositions, but also to create new ones. You can quickly created to share music with friends, and they will be able to change and modify your creation. PocketBand Pro contains many tools for editing music that are added with each update the program.

With the help of this program you will be able to mix different recording, and adjust the volume, and add all sorts of effects. If necessary, use a microphone, you can record live sound. Finished recordings exported to mp3 files or can be saved as ringtones. And don’t forget to share your tracks in the community: the most popular songs will get on a special radio!

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - PocketBand ProDownload app PocketBand Pro for Android:

qr-code - PocketBand Pro

Time Guru Metronome

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Time Guru Metronome Logo

  • Developer: Avi Bortnick
  • Cost: UAH of 51.04.

App-metronome Time Guru Metronome is created by professional guitarist Avi Bortnick. It has everything you would expect from a modern metronome, plus an exclusive feature – the mute is in random mode or on a pre configured schedule. So easy to check, do you hurry, either, late. In addition, Time Guru Metronome will help you develop a fairly accurate internal sense of time, not a habit to rely on is always enabled when playing a musical instrument metronome.

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Time Guru MetronomeDownload app Time Guru Metronome for Android:

qr-code - Time Guru Metronome

Mobile Metronome Pro

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Mobile Metronome Pro Logo

  • Developer: Gabriel Simões
  • Price: 40.06 UAH.

Mobile Metronome Pro is a music metronome for Android smartphones. This easy to use and the settings of the program will be useful to all musicians and will allow you to configure the size of the beat, tempo, as well as set accents. In the application it is possible to configure the metronome sound and the reference shares.

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Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Mobile Metronome ProDownload app Mobile Metronome Pro for Android:

qr-code - Mobile Metronome Pro

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Audio Evolution Mobile Studio Logo

  • Developer: eXtream Software Development
  • Cost: 194,99 UAH.

Audio Evolution Mobile is a mobile application for recording audio and sequencer for devices running the operating system Android. In addition to recording audio in the app there is a possibility of multitrack playback.

For each individual track has the ability to control volume, 4-band EQ, the ability to insert three effects, etc. the Number of tracks and groups are limited only by the memory of the device and its technical characteristics.

Effects that can be applied in real time, include chorus, delay, dual delay, reverse delay, reverb, Flanger, noise gate, tremolo and EQ.

It is possible to import files in the formats mp3, wav, aiff, flac, Ogg/Vorbis. The editing function offers a set of features and an unlimited number of undo actions and change. You can also create a rhythm loop to set the markers to quickly jump to a location in the track, load/save projects and more.

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - Audio Evolution Mobile StudioDownload app Audio Evolution Mobile Studio for Android:

qr-code - Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

TapeMachine Recorder

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - TapeMachine Recorder Logo

  • Developer: Samalyse
  • Cost: 75,32 UAH.

The app TapeMachine Recorder is a graphical sound editor with audio recording option, i.e. it can act as a voice recorder. TapeMachine records and edits tracks in formats WAV, OGG, AIFF, FLAC.

To begin recording, press the record button and the button “Play”. Visual audio editor allows you to select region, cut, delete, paste, and change the volume. On the screen there are buttons to rewind to the beginning and the end of the track, and zoom for more detailed editing of the track.

As for the recorder, you can adjust the power of the incoming signal. There is a useful feature — AutoGane, which automatically sets the power of the incoming signal depending on its level. Another amenity of this recorder is the ability to run in the background when your smartphone is locked.

There are also settings for advanced is the regulation of Latency, Buffer, samplerate. He who understands should understand.

Another bonus of the app is the conversion of the track to various formats — WAV, OGG, AIFF, FLAC, as well as the regulation of quality (for example, to reduce the file size of the track). There is also the possibility of sending the track through the in the Android tools (e.g. email, instant messengers, etc.).

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - TapeMachine RecorderDownload the app TapeMachine Recorder for Android:

qr-code - TapeMachine Recorder

usbEffects (Guitar Effects)

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - usbEffects (Guitar Effects) Logo

  • Developer: Githara Studios Pty Ltd
  • Cost: 55,11 UAH.

App usbEffects (Guitar Effects) allows users to connect a guitar to your smartphone. The application has several popular effects stop Loka, including delay, reverb, distortion, Flanger, and others. Each effect can be adjusted individually and can be connected together with a basic amp simulator to create very interesting tones.

Лучшие Android-приложения для гитаристов - usbEffects (Guitar Effects)Download app usbEffects (Guitar Effects) for Android:

qr-code - usbEffects (Guitar Effects)


The above apps will help you learn to play the guitar and save a lot of money that you could spend on buying expensive hardware tuners, metronomes, recording devices and other accessories. Perhaps you know some more apps for guitarists? Share them in the comments!

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