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The best games of the week: the benefits of cannibalism and the horsemen of the Apocalypse

Today we have, first, a feast for lovers of space policies — they digest in two, and each is good in its own way. Secondly, for fans of survival and meta-gameplay fun too, there are a couple of projects last year moved to mobile platforms straight from Steam. And thirdly, to smartphones finally got the simulator afterlife of the office with the ambiguous name. Needless to say the week was a success.

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A fragile girl with a sword makes its way along the dark fantastic world. Each enemy will be punished, and the monstrous boss is defeated. Silent AISI moves like the wind. Breakthrough, another breakthrough — a series of attacks turns into a dizzying combos, and mechanized dolls scattering parts. Thanks to responsive control and precise animation history delivers almost physical pleasure, but what is the ultimate goal of these dances with robots?

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Described in the game story about the search for Judah and an attempt to stop the Apocalypse on this question can not be answered, and you need to look deeper under the cover of an energetic hack’n’slash is hiding something else. At first, the VoiceOver narrator is a common tool of the narrative. However, it should character to deviate from the route, as the commentator immediately loses patience and begins to get nervous (sometimes destroying the fourth wall) — Parallels with the Stanley Parable suggest themselves. What is important: aysi may act in a thoughtful someone over scenario. But improvisation is encouraged and disobedience, and the only way you will understand the true nature of what is happening.

Battlevoid: Sector Siege

If you value your time, avoid the sequel Battlevoid: Harbinger party, this old school RTS carries no joke. Seriously, the fight for the cosmic frontiers of humanity jumped in with both feet and for a long time, even though the picture is not photo-realism, and a powerful interstellar cruisers look like toy modelki futuristic vehicles.

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This time under the player an impressive battle fleet, which, however, need to start from somewhere to build and to equip. Resources around enough, but on the political map of the galaxy your base is not the only — hostile civilization is not going to dialogue and, incidentally, has a rather clever AI. In the end, to show gruel once medusarum creatures you will be in a phased manner. Enough to equip a military expedition in a neighboring sector is also important and mining to build, and about their own roadblocks to take care of. Pumping with integrated improvements here and there these processes end in sight. The economy is also thought to conscience: a prerequisite for world conquest — the careful management of everything.

Peace, Death!

Who would have thought that the office slavery exists in the world — the Grim Reaper in the service of the horsemen of the Apocalypse vpahivat behind the Desk like a typical middle Manager. It is difficult to distribute fresh souls between Heaven and Hell. Although initially it’s pretty straightforward: waved a bony finger to the right — magnificent grandpa with a white beard flew to the Elevator to the Apostle Peter. But the gentleman in the bloody coat, I’ll send in the direction of boiling kettles — it was too suspicious he has a snout (literally).

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Day after day the Reaper decide the fate of novopaschenny and climbing the career ladder. The degree of sin is determined by their eye, and here the devil is literally in the details: signs of the sinner are many, but under old-fashioned hat the customer can hide his demonic horns. Moreover, the selection criteria are constantly changing: if before the bloody puddle under the feet of the character bought him a ticket to hell, in a week the user pulls a new Directive on blood, they say, do not pay attention, in Purgatory weakened face control. And then begins the most interesting to keep in mind all the conditions and not to invoke the righteous man in hell, will have to show the wonders of concentration.


The game vaguely resembles The Sims the pixel with a side view. Create a family of four, we outline the characters and choose a new unit of society a family pet — all the precepts of the main sandbox from Electronic Arts. Here only to dwell in this United company would not be in the coolest house on the outskirts of riverside, and in a nondescript underground bunker — a post-apocalyptic world not intended luxury apartments.

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The primary task is allocating resources. Vitals characters and then subside, so monitor the health regularly. Without a water filter and a working generator shelter is in danger of becoming in the family vault, and the equipment needs constant repair and upgrades. In General, the inevitable squabbles and endless switching between characters push compassion into the background. So when someone finally can not stand the harsh conditions, cannibalism is perceived quite naturally. Yes, you can starve character’s hunger, and then fed his corpse to the dog. Or practical to leave enough in reserve, if the wastes have already found spare parts for refrigerator — that’s survival.

Over Space

The captain of the pirate Armada Black Skull comes to life after a long coma. What preceded it, he remembers vaguely, and its future is no less uncertain than the past. So lay the cards: begin your journey to conquer the stars experienced commander is forced to zero. But the first step is the hardest: to equip the space on the mother ship, recruited efficient professionals — and voila, the new dream team is ready to work and defense.

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Construction and upgrades, of course, tied to the timers — what else do you expect from a shareware project? But at first this is nice work, especially given the luxury of space battles, for which all actually began. The tactic consists of combining different types of ships: frigates, corvettes and other cruisers if you want you can build in a square or in some kind of makeshift pig. Go on a combat mission, shuffling units on a sketchy field “fishnet” and watch a spectacular video — the battle itself will show in the volume, with colorful decorations.

The author of the text: Anna Vasilieva

Source: 4pda.ru

The best games of the week: the benefits of cannibalism and the horsemen of the Apocalypse

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