The best games of the week: Paradise for the commander and the conqueror of space

This release is dedicated to all the generals and their friends. Alexander, the second expansion pack for the legendary Rome: Total War, moved to iPad, and feels good — it’s time to take the reins of a great power. But those who are not dreams of Imperial ambitions, we’ve got five more games: a retro platformer about a ninja, colorful JRPG console quality, my dear Golf simulator and online-epic about life in space.

Rome: Total War — Alexander

Another addition to the great Rome: Total War. If you traveled the Empire of ancient Rome (and then figured out even with the barbarians), we note that at the time Alexander the great extended the life of the original.

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In “Alexander” you give feel yourself in the place of the great commander. During a nice trekking you will meet with the Persians, the Indians and the Macedonians. In addition, there are six of these historic battles and of course a stack of new units: Total War veterans will open up a lot. As in the case of Barbarian Invasion, this addon smoothly run on iPad without the original “Rome”, so don’t be afraid to waste money. Speaking of — Alexander is 379 rubles. For a comfortable game requires at least iPad Air first generation. IPhones are still not supported.

Tales of the Rays

JRPG fans can now dance the celebratory dance — it’s not every day on the mobile is a full-scale Japanese RPG. The authors have positioned the sides of the Rays as a “game for smart phones console-quality”, and usually these promises don’t end well. But now, apparently, different.

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The plot is classic: evil raised its ugly head, and only you and companions can enjoy a good smack him in the teeth. Fans of the Tales series (which is published since 1995) will meet many familiar characters — fan service on the level. Otherwise, it’s a decent JRPG with all the attributes: vivid battles, lots of cutscenes, more dialogue, big world, dungeons, treasures and quests. The game is not worth anything, Donat… there. And pretty harsh — if you lose touch with reality, you quickly write the annual earnings.

The Revenge of Shinobi

Family Sega Forever a new addition — The Revenge of Shinobi, the second part in the line Thriller about a fierce ninja. The project came out in 1989, and at that time was both cool and strange. Cool — because ninja sharp Japanese katana and sly thing. Strange — the way the main character met, for example, Rambo, Spiderman, Batman and Godzilla. Moreover, the Spider turned into Batman and back — I can only imagine what the license of war, it would cause now.

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By itself, The Revenge of Shinobi is an action platformer with lots of levels, enemies and fighting styles. You will deftly jump on ledges, throw shurikens at enemies, cut down by the sword, and to terrify technique of Ninjutsu — the deadly spectacle. You can call the fire pillars, lightning, and even explode into pieces: minus one life, but what damage! Like all the inhabitants of Sega Forever, this game is free, but have to endure advertising.

Vista Golf

With all these blockbusters and “console quality games” we forget that the smartphone app is also great taymkillery. Rome: Total War will not start for half an hour, while standing in line. But Vista Golf — completely.

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It’s all very simple: there is a mA-and-scarlet field, there is a hole, is the ball. Pull the shell with your finger, sending it into the hole below the check box. The ball gracefully flies by, flies by, beating about the Board, the second attempt. It seems primitive, but to butt heads with the local landscape is interesting. Field dotted with jumps and bridges, so to reach the goal, have to sweat. However, the Vista Golf is not annoying: the sun is shining, the sea is all around, soft music is a great fun to kill a dozen extra minutes. The game, of course, free.

Eden: Renaissance

At first glance Eden: Renaissance can be confused with Lara Croft GO. On the second, too. The same step-by-step puzzles, ancient ruins in the background, the evil spirits, treasures in dungeons and other entourage, typical of the series about tomb raider. But today’s applications there is an important difference — two characters.

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Young archaeologist descends into the catacombs, where he finds a Golem named Eden. So it turns out that Eden is not just an animated pile of stones, but also the master of the elements. Together, the couple will be held in the very depths of the ruins, along the way to learn terrible secrets about the imminent death of the Earth. The plot moves through the cut scenes and comics, and the authors are proud to say that drew commercials as much as half an hour — not Metal Gear Solid, but still good. Between the scenic UPS and downs: the master puzzle where you have to constantly think about how to move forward. The cooperative makes itself felt in Eden: the Renaissance you know what real teamwork. You will be asked 379 rubles — a small amount of money for such a gorgeous app.

Hades’ Star

Those who became too boring on this planet, Hades Star will offer to test their strength in space, in a distant galaxy. What to do? Collect resources, trade, fight, complete quests, upgrade your ship and chat with other players — almost like EVE Online.

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Mega-corporations have sent scouts to the mysterious galaxy of Hades, and it turns out that there plenty of resources of very different kinds. Inspired by the opening prospects of the ruling equip colonization campaign. Of course, nobody even mentioned that in the middle of the stars rests a hostile race local, and the stars themselves are unstable. You arrive on the outskirts of Aida… and what happens next is up to you. Open all the doors except those that are under lock and key donation. Hades’ Star — the game is free, so its authors did not hesitate to offer additional (and costly) services.

Author: Illia Bozhko


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