The best games of the week: native “Ruler” is now on mobile

This compilation is for diehard extroverts, who, even in games we want to communicate with other people. They this time was lucky though, because on mobile I moved to Lineage II. If you, as radical forms of online escapism is not yet ready, you can try another option — we then looked for a good shooter, made on the patterns PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds, as well as “the mob”, where you can pull your ears Batman. And for singles there are a few cute projects, like retro-massacre or a creepy platformer about an octopus-spider.

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Beat Street

On the streets of Tokyo reigns banditry: unpleasant people in masks do not give rest to civilians. Do nothing: take a bold hero, and with him nokautiroval all the villains, which only reach fists. A familiar formula, isn’t it? Really — Beat Street returns to life half-forgotten genre of beat’em up.

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On the screen a good time of alternately: you give a rebuff to the bandits, even though you look like a racketeer with the experience. Extensive roster of fighters allows you to choose any and send it into a prolonged fistfight. Management beach genre — thought out: just tap on the screen, and your karate will do everything himself. The money for the game itself, not asking, but some of the characters successfully rasplachivatsya for conditional donations.

Lineage II: Revolution

You will, but we are convinced it is “the Line” (not World of Warcraft) all these years, was responsible for the recruitment of conscripts in the Russian army. We are Scythians, Asians, and Western-sleek “Warcraft” could not, and should not have to change the domestic life of a teenager — a Lineage II easily.

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You probably already know us, that is written in this paragraph. Yes, it’s “Ruler for your phone” — your impossible dream in 10-13-15-18 years, when the only possible access to the favorite world was hour date with a dusty computer in a nasty smoke-filled basement which someone for some reason called “the club”. “Revolution”, however, is not expected — the conditions are almost the same as on the big screen, and the magic attraction of Lineage melted many years ago — the parents of today’s children in this plan can be calm. Try everything you can — game-free. And for those who have money to burn, there is a cute option “Elite start” for 2290 roubles.


From OCMO, there are exactly three reasons for existence. The first to suffer the.. The second to suffer the phlegmatic. The third to suffer the perfectionist. If you like to do everything perfect, but slow and afraid of spiders, and the capital of Sweden treat with special reverence, OCMO will become a favorite game for all times.

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The app name which clearly refers to the octopus, but nothing like this — the main character look an awful lot like the spider in the background is also crawling arthropods, and the web is a no-no, is found. You quickly slide around the level, clinging to ledges — we must not fall down, not to plunge into the slimy muck and not to fall into the Burr gears. Ideally, along the way absorbing the insatiable bellies of the rabbits albino. The game hung a price tag of 379 rubles, but is it possible to look into the face of fear (s) is not worth it?

Rules of Survival

In the middle of an abandoned village, it’s not fifty more same men beating each other, that is urine. That is, the first half a minute are decorum, and then scatter in different directions, and began to play tricks.

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Really is a new online game Rules of Survival. Something similar to PUBG: large map, strange post-Apocalypse, dozens of restless dunce, equipment and weapons. Visually, of course, Rules of Survival times easier, but the charm the game has, for example, some rounds here begin with the landing of military aircraft as adults. To shoot, however, the game is extremely uncomfortable, and the same kind of men in t-shirts pretty tiring after a few batches. And yet, something magical Rules of Survival there. Try, suddenly like it.

Zombie Defense HNG

Zombie Defense starts with an interesting hypothesis: what would happen if 100 billion once-dead people suddenly rise up and come for us, miserable and still alive people. On this simple but working concept built hybrid of tower defense and tactical strategy.

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Strictly speaking, Zombie Defense came not this week, not even this year — but recently upgraded so powerful that we could not pass up. First, about the origins. Technically you are breaking the waves of zombies pre-placed defenses. But it is actually more complicated: wards need time to provide firearms, rearranged in different slots and make sure that protective redoubts were without flaws. Updating the formula remains, but the players got a ton of content: new missions, weapons and enemies. HNG prettier and looks decent, in General, a reason to come back. For the first time or start if you haven’t.

Arena of Valor

Right now all Russian Android users will swell with pride. The thing is that the Arena of Valor — very popular in Asia about the MOBA heroes of DC and not only — came to an domestic Google Play, but the local App Store somehow bypassed. Hear the song “robot”? You have regional exclusive!

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The game is quite a good MOBA with a variety of characters in the main (and secondary) roles. On a small plot going for two fives and let’s find out, who from them more “skelby” who the real boss is able to “Rashit” and “pulls Tim”. If you have even the slightest predisposition to this kind of entertainment — a closer look.

Author: Illia Bozhko


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