The best instant messengers for Android

The best instant messengers for Android

Despite the fact that nowadays smartphones become truly universal devices, you can listen to music, make high-quality photos and video, and perform many other tasks, their main purpose remains the opportunity to connect with other people.

Recently smartphone users, instead of standard calls and SMS are increasingly using instant messengers. These apps allow you to make audio and video calls, and share messages, photos and other files.

In this article we will look at the best instant messengers for Android devicesthat has received the greatest popularity in our country.

The contents

  1. Facebook Messenger
  2. Viber
  3. Skype
  4. WhatsApp
  5. Telegram
  6. Google Hangouts.
  7. LINE
  8. WeChat
  9. Conclusion

Facebook Messenger

Лучшие мессенджеры для Android - Facebook Messenger

  • Price: free
  • In app purchases: no
  • Rating: 4.0/5

 Facebook Messenger this is one of the most popular messengers in the world which offers to be always in touch with loved ones. Among the features of the app is to provide group chats, sharing of data and free calls.

Facebook Messenger is one of the best applications for text communication because it can do more than most of the other messengers. The app has a light, effortless design, photo chat, and huge collections of multimedia messages, which is much superior to that in Viber and WhatsApp.

Perhaps the only drawback of Facebook Messenger can be called high consumption of resources, which leads to rapid battery drain of the smartphone.

Download Facebook Messenger from Google Play:

qr-code - Facebook Messenger


Лучшие мессенджеры для Android - Viber

  • Price: free
  • In app purchases: Yes
  • Rating: 4.5/5

 The functionality of a messenger Viber is growing every day, and it is likely that very soon it will turn into a full-fledged social network.

In the last few years, Viber has become especially popular in our country. The messenger appeared stickers, emoticons and the ability to share photos and videos.

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Today Viber is a messenger, as it is for correspondence between users and also have such additional elements as doodles, games and other decorations. It is worth noting the group chat, the background that can be set for each user and the ability to invite people to chat with.

 Download Viber from Google Play:

qr-code - Viber


Лучшие мессенджеры для Android - Skype

  • Price: free
  • In app purchases: Yes
  • Rating: 4.3/5

Skype is one of the oldest of the messengers, therefore, needs no special introduction. Its capabilities are familiar to all, and a couple of years ago, she became a part of the software package Microsoft.

Skype as messenger, is suitable only for brief and “dry” business correspondence. All those who used to communicate in “a big way” are unlikely to find in this messenger something interesting. Perhaps the most frustrating app high consumption of system resources.

In our opinion, Skype is more suitable for the business environment than for ordinary users. This solution is more suited for computers and is still not very adapted for mobile devices.

Download Skype from Google Play:

qr-code - Skype


Лучшие мессенджеры для Android - WhatsApp

  • Price: free
  • In app purchases: no
  • Rating: 4.4/5

The WhatsApp messenger, which a few years ago bought Facebook, originally intended for iOS, but today it can be installed on any platform.

Whether to list the features of one of the most popular apps in the world? Perhaps we should, because it almost ruined mobile operators thanks to its ability to send free messages.

WhatsApp is a messenger which allows you to exchange text messages as in private messages and in groups. It is possible to send different media to share contacts, insert numerous emoticons, and more.

With regard to resource consumption, this messenger is also all right. WhatsApp has almost the same functionality as Viber, but for some reason, is gradually losing popularity in Ukraine.

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 Download WhatsApp from Google Play:

qr-code - WhatsApp


Лучшие мессенджеры для Android - Telegram

  • Price: free
  • In-app purchases: no
  • Rating: 4.3/5

Telegram is a honed to perfection app to communicate on the network, which is an excellent alternative to WhatsApp, Viber and many other instant messengers, which we so appreciate and love.

Beautiful interface, minimum bandwidth consumption and system resources, excellent protection from unauthorized access, confidential communication, and the ability to send any media and to make their own stickers, like how it was implemented in Facebook Messenger — all of this every day makes the messenger Telegram more and more popular.

Download Telegram from Google Play:

qr-code - Telegram

Google Hangouts

Лучшие мессенджеры для Android - Google Hangouts

  • Price: free
  • In-app purchases: no
  • Rating: 4.0/5

 Messenger Hangouts should be familiar to many users, as it is preinstalled on most Android Ostrov. The developer offers not only text messages but also SMS, MMS, and voice and video calls.

So why do so many still install Viber or Skype, if such an app already on hand? Perhaps this is intuitive.

Hangouts is really worthy to be among the preinstalled Android apps.

This messenger is for chatting and even a little more. While in the background the app hardly consumes resources of the smartphone. Otherwise, in Hangouts, it’s simple: simple controls, simple interface, simple settings. All in the style of Google, although privacy settings, sure to please everyone who is worried about privacy.

 Download Google Hangouts from Google Play:

qr-code - Google Hangouts


Лучшие мессенджеры для Android - LINE

  • Price: free
  • In-app purchases: Yes
  • Rating: 4.2/5

The messenger Line is not so well known in Ukraine, as of the above applications, however, according to the developers, it offers “communication without borders”. The creators of messenger promise free calls and SMS, which in itself is interesting. Among other things, the messenger has a chat, the possibility of file transfer, emoticons and stickers, as well as support for most operating systems. In other words, the Line is all that offers any self-respecting messenger.

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Line is not just a messenger, but a real social network with appropriate attributes, applications, and games. Of course, in this application there is a tape that can be used as a microblog.

Line ahead of other messengers in the consumption of system resources, but only in the case of voice and video calls, as text communication performs on the RAM and the processor is quite a heavy load.

Download LINE from Google Play:

qr-code - LINE


Лучшие мессенджеры для Android - WeChat

  • Price: free
  • In-app purchases: Yes
  • Rating: 4.2/5

WeChat is a free app for messaging and voice calls that lets you easily communicate with family and friends in different countries. This is a universal communications app for free text (SMS/MMS), voice & video calls, moments, photo sharing, etc.

As the developers of the app, WeChat offers some improved privacy, which can be very useful in light of recent world events.

WeChat definitely deserves attention and can give odds to its eminent competitors that we have already managed to tell you.

WeChat app consumes a minimum of resources, has a user-friendly interface, high-quality user support and translated into normal Russian language.

The program proved to be excellent as a text messenger, and did not disappoint with voice and video call quality, ensuring excellent communication with minimum load on the system.

Download WeChat from Google Play:

qr-code - WeChat


Each of these messengers has its pros and cons. Someone more like Viber, while many choose to communicate Facebook Messenger and Telegram or “old-fashioned” use Skype. As the saying goes, “the taste and color of comrades not,” and in this case, this saying is particularly appropriate.

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