Made in China #60: smart device from Xiaomi, the favorite brands of Chinese and other news

Under the heading “Made in China” collected news from China over the week, which was not included in the main ribbon 4PDA. Announcements, rumors and interesting events in the life of the main supplier of electronic goods in the world. In the new issue you will learn about the favorite brands of Chinese; Apple’s plans to conquer the Chinese market and the new smart trainer from Xiaomi.

Huawei recognized as the favorite Russian brand among the Chinese

Research centre of public opinion of China conducted a global survey among residents to determine the popularity of domestic and foreign brands. According to the survey, the most loved domestic brand among the Chinese was Huawei, gaining 51.3% of the votes. In second place with a substantial lead situated the company SF (39.9 per cent), and closes the three leaders of the Gree (37.1 per cent). This is followed by Haier, Midea, Lenovo, WeChat, Taobao and Jingdong, it also


This popularity Huawei is understandable, after all, is China’s largest manufacturer of smartphones. Recall that Huawei is also the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

As for foreign brands, then the first place is Mercedes-Benz with 17% of votes, and in the second place with the same number of voters is Apple. Also in the top ten IT-companies were Siemens (7th place), Philips (9-e a place) and Samsung (10-e a place).

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Apple to build two more research and development centre in China

In September last year Apple opened its first China research center. It is located in the Beijing research center Zhongguancun – the Chinese analogue of the famous Silicon valley. A few weeks later Tim cook, CEO of Apple, has officially stated that they intend to open another center in Shenzhen city in southern China. This week, the American Corporation has announced plans to open two more research and development centre in Shanghai and Suzhou. The company hopes that it will be able to attract graduates from such institutions as Peking University, Tsinghua University and Shanghai Jiaotong University. In addition, Apple intends to cooperate with local and offers internship programs, hoping that these experts will work closely with local suppliers.

“We look forward to working with a large number of local partners and institutions through the expansion of research centers in China. We are honored to have access to such talent and positive entrepreneurial spirit in the region where our developers and suppliers to work together,” said Dan Riccio, senior Vice President of Apple’s hardware.

Apple intends to invest in research and development in China of over 500 million dollars trying to solve the problem of reducing the profit from iPhone sales in the country, as local users increasingly prefer low-cost alternatives from other manufacturers.


Xiaomi has released a smart trainer for home use

Interesting new product from Xiaomi this week became smart trainer for home use Smart Fitness, developed in cooperation with the manufacturer of sports equipment Move It. The simulator is a set of tools for different exercises, including jump rope, stops for push-UPS, roller banners and a series of elastic rubber bands.


Smart Fitness connects via Bluetooth to the smartphone, passing in a special application with all the information about the training. This simulator is able to automatically recognize seven types of exercises. It is also possible to output the results of the exercises on the TV screen with a stream of training from professional trainers.


Interestingly, the design of the Smart Fitness was developed in collaboration with BMW Design Studio and during the development of the consultant was made by the famous athlete, George hood.


The cost of the simulator in China is about $189.


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