9649 Made in China #68: colonization of the moon, the likes Chinese and other news

Made in China #68: colonization of the moon, the likes Chinese and other news

Under the heading “Made in China” collected news from China over the week, which was not included in the main ribbon 4PDA. Announcements, rumors and interesting events in the life of the main supplier of electronic goods in the world. In the new issue you will learn about the AliExpress plans to take over the world; the imminent colonisation of the moon and the mechanism of cheat of likes in China.

AliExpress is planning to take over the world

AliExpress is the world’s largest online trading platform. But to stop holding Alibaba Group owns AliExpress, not going to stop. The Corporation plans to take over the world. Due to take place on 11 November last year, Singles Day sales AliExpress has become well known throughout Europe, making Alibaba a market leader in e-Commerce on transaction costs. According to reports, the volume of gross product in AliExpress for the 2016 fiscal year amounted to 485 billion dollars. As of April of this year, AliExpress has attracted more than 100 million global buyers. This was told by Dai Shan, the President of the division “business to business” company Alibaba.


According to forecasts from Mintel, after a decade of rapid growth in the online market of China will slow to 15% compound annual growth rate. This means that Internet giants such as Alibaba, are forced to enter the international market for new sources of income. According to Zuniga Perez Pella, employee Spanish unit from AliExpress, they are gaining momentum among European users by changing their buying habits and establish personal contact.

“Marriage is perhaps the most important moment of life for women. Last Spanish women never bought a wedding dress online, but now go to AliExpress before buying has become their ritual,” said Zuniga Perez Pell.

This is confirmed by regular users:

“I really like the clear range of all kinds of shoes, and I would say that Chinese shoes is of excellent quality”, – shared his experience John Arregui active client AliExpress.

Alfonso Noriega gómez, economic and commercial counselor of the Consulate General of Spain in Shanghai, believes that e-trade is an important engine to promote trade-economic relations and the main channel products worldwide.

“Through Tmall Global and Tmall, Chinese consumers can enjoy products from Spain. We hope that AliExpress can revive silk, connecting Chinese products with other countries, including with Spain,” said Alfonso Noriega Gomez on AliExpress conference in Hangzhou earlier this month.

The three largest foreign countries making purchases on AliExpress, include Russia, USA and Spain. On the Russian market AliExpress is working with local payment services to make it easier for users to make purchases. According to researcher TNS, AliExpress is the largest trading platform in Russia starting in 2014.

“A wide range of products, partnerships with several key Russian providers of payment systems and a strong social media presence helped AliExpress become a better player. AliExpress is planning to join the increasing number of local suppliers to deliver goods from the local warehouses and provide local after-sales service, including the possibility of goods return within 72 hours,” said the General Manager of AliExpress in Russia Shen the opening of the first.

The company’s goal for the next 3-5 years to deliver product within 72 hours. AliExpress also wants to increase the customer base of overseas buyers to one billion in less than 7 years.

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China is considering a longer stay on the moon

In China began to experience the ability of future astronauts stay on the moon for extended periods of time. This is due to the fact that the country accelerates its space program and hopes to send people to the moon within the next two decades. The official news Agency of the government of the people’s Republic of China “Xinhua” reported that the volunteers will live in a special space in the cockpit for 60-200 days for the next year. This will help scientists to understand what people need to stay on the moon in the medium and long term.

Космонавт на луне

Chinese President XI Jinping urged China to become a global power in space exploration. He plans to send a probe to the dark side of the moon by 2018. This will be the first in the history of such “trip”. Sending astronauts to the moon to take place by 2036.

“It is not clear how long the Chinese lunar explorers will be carried out on the surface of the moon, but the country is already planning a longer stay,” reports “Xinhua”.

Two groups of four volunteers will live in a simulated cockpit, “Yuegong-1”, to verify the life support system for the moon environment. Yuegong-1 includes the Central residential area with very little city apartment and two greenhouses for plants. The same 105-day trial expedition was successfully conducted in 2014. This system, called bioregenerative support system allows to recycle water and food and is a key element to any Chinese probes on the moon and beyond.

“The last test is vital for future missions to the moon and Mars in China and should be based on ensuring security and the health of our astronauts,” said Liu Jichen from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In March China announced plans to launch a space probe to return samples from the moon this year. In addition, the first cargo spaceship has docked with the country’s orbiting space laboratory in April, which is a big step, as Beijing hopes to establish a permanent manned space station by 2022.

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Cheat of likes in Chinese

It is no secret that some novice bloggers and app developers to promote their projects and attract attention use the services of the services for likes, views, reviews, downloads and other things. However, many do not know, how exactly is a cheat. It would seem that it needs a huge number of people and active accounts in different social networks. Russian Artem Zhdanov went to the Chinese city of Shenzhen, to find out how to work these services. He visited the office of one of the companies providing services cheating hits the social network WeChat. It turns out that it uses hundreds and even thousands of smartphones.

[embedded content]

According to Artem, the video shows only a small office. Other similar place established more than 10 000 smartphones. Most importantly, the whole process is managed by several people via their computers.

Source: 4pda.ru

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