10699 Made in China #70: another win for robot over the human, an antidote to WannaCry and other news

Made in China #70: another win for robot over the human, an antidote to WannaCry and other news

Under the heading “Made in China” collected news from China over the week, which was not included in the main ribbon 4PDA. Announcements, rumors and interesting events in the life of the main supplier of electronic goods in the world. In the new episode you will learn about the defeat of humanity by artificial intelligence Google; the appearance of the antidote to the virus WannaCry and rapid growth of the three largest Chinese manufacturers of smartphones.

Artificial intelligence Google is the undisputed champion of th

Last year, Google has contrasted its artificial intelligence AlphaGo the best players in the world in a logical Board game. As a result, AlphaGo defeated the current European and world champion at the game of go Whether Sedalia with the score 9:1. The 19-year-old genius from China Ke Jie, which is considered the best go player, said that he will be able to beat AlphaGo, but it will not do to the computer and did not copy his tactics. Then he said that he recognizes the ability of artificial intelligence, but is still confident in his superiority. In the end he agreed to the match, which took place this week.

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The essence of go is that players move across the field of chips of two colors (traditionally black and white) to include on the game Board with stones of his color more territory than the enemy. Th has a lot more tactics in comparison with other games, like chess, requires a logical analysis of what is happening and build a strategy to bypass the opponent. That is why many were convinced that artificial intelligence is not yet able to defeat a man in this lesson.

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In the end, Ke Jie AlphaGo lost two games in a row. The representatives of the company DeepMind, which created AlphaGo, said that Ke Jie played much better than all the rest, whom he met AlphaGo. According to them, during the first 100 turns they were approximately equal.


Ke Jie said that AlphaGo managed to surprise him by making some very unexpected moves.

“From the point of view of the man, it was a bit of a stretch, and I was surprised at some moments. I also thought I was very close to victory in the middle of the match. I felt my heart pounding. But, maybe because I was too excited I did some wrong or foolish moves. I guess this is the biggest weakness of people,” said Ke Jie.

Interestingly, during this event, representatives of Google has announced plans to launch in China, some of its services, including the Google Play app store. Recall that many Western products, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other banned and blocked in China.


In China are developing the antidote to the virus WannaCry

In the last issue we wrote that virus-extortionist WannaCry dealt a serious blow to China. According to the company, Qihoo 360 Technology Ltd, engaged in the development of anti-virus software in the country from the virus affected tens of thousands of institutions and hundreds of thousands of computers. This week Rising Chinese company specializing in cybersecurity, said she has developed a utility for dealing with all existing versions of the WannaCry, as well as those that may occur in the future.

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The Rising company providing network security, the Chinese government, published on Friday on its web site a free program Rising Sword, which, according to experts, will protect the computers from all kinds of extortion, including virus WannaCry.

Antivirus Rising products are used in the headquarters of the Communist party, the State Council, the Ministry of public security and other government agencies of China. Tang Wei, Vice President of the company, said that Rising has reviewed all known viruses ransomware using artificial intelligence, and found that the malware divided by 80 behavioral characteristics.

According to Tang Wei, a Rising Sword works as bait for a virus. When suspicious behavior is detected in response to the lure, the program isolates the virus and suppresses its malicious code. On the computer screen at this moment a message appears warning the user.

“The program works not only with well-known extortionists, but with all their future variations, if they encrypt the files, or demanding money,” said Tang Wei.

“They have developed an effective integrated solution in a relatively short period of time… It’s not easy,” commented the achievement of the company Whether Rising Signo, Deputy Director of network security of the State information center of China.

Expert on cyber security at the Chinese Academy of Sciences said that the new Rising tool uses “smart” algorithm for the use of common faults of ransomware.


Huawei, Oppo and Vivo control a quarter of the smartphone market

According to the latest report from research firm Gartner, in the first quarter of this year global smartphone sales reached 380 million units, which is 9.1% more in comparison with the previous indicator. Interestingly, almost a quarter (24%) of all smartphones sold are produced by the three largest Chinese manufacturers: Huawei, Oppo and Vivo. Last year, their share was 7% less.

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According to analysts, smartphone customers spend more to get a higher quality device, which increases the average cost of units sold, and positively affects the sales of Huawei, Oppo and Vivo, as they focused their attention on the implementation of more sophisticated features at affordable prices. Aggressive marketing and promotions also helped this trio to increase their share in India, Indonesia and Thailand.

Leading smartphone makers Samsung and Apple showed less impressive results in the first quarter. Samsung’s sales decreased by 3.1%, and now its market share is 20.7%. As for Apple, sales of “Apple” of the Corporation also decreased, but market share declined to 13.7% from 14.8% last year.

And although Samsung said that the number of pre-orders for the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus it was 30% more than last year’s model, the experts Gartner noted that the decline in sales was influenced by the lack of Galaxy Note 7. Analysts also noted the strong competition in the segment of entry-level smartphones from Chinese manufacturers. Apple also faces increasingly tough competition from Chinese companies, and if the situation does not change, Huawei will soon be able to bypass it.

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