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Meizu tisera do frameless smartphone

After the release of last year’s Xiaomi Mi Mix of almost every manufacturer has released or announced their own frameless smartphone. This is the most popular solution with no frame on three sides, as in the same Mi Mix, or a small part of the top and bottom like in the Samsung Galaxy S8. But so far no one is really a frameless smartphone. It seems that change is decided the company Meizu. The new teaser shows part of a truly frameless device.


On the teaser there are two inscriptions: “mblu Zero” and “Display New World”. In the image we can see that the display comes right up to the top from two sides of the device. However, it is not excluded that the smartphone will have a cutout for front camera and sensors as in the Essential Phone, or lower the frame as the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Also there is no guarantee that this teaser is not another fake as it was last year with the Meizu Pro 7.

Source: phonearena.com

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Meizu tisera do frameless smartphone

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