9326 Meizu will split into two companies

Meizu will split into two companies

Meizu is one of China’s most famous manufacturers of smartphones. Like other companies from China, she got popularity due to release cheap devices with top-end technical features and premium appearance. According to rumors, delivered from China, Meizu is planning to split into two separate companies. One will continue to exist under the current name, and the second will be called Blue Charm and exist separately from the main, although belong to Meizu.

Meizu M5 Note

Reportedly, the current Vice President Meizu Li Nan will head the new company Blue Charm as CEO, and Jae Yang, former Director of marketing for Huawei, Meizu will take the position of Vice-President. The company Meizu has so far refused to comment on these rumors, but to deny the news of the separation is also not in a hurry.

According to rumors, Meizu will continue to produce its flagship smartphones, like the upcoming Pro 7, while the Blue Charm will focus on more affordable models. There is also information that the Meizu devices will use the Exynos processors from Samsung in smartphones Blue Charm – Snapdragon from Qualcomm.

Source: gizmochina.com

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