Messenger Viber appeared self-destructing photos and videos

Eugene Lubnicki


Messenger Viber appeared self-destructing photos and videos

Most of the messengers in the process, accumulate vast amounts of data, among which the most space on the smartphone takes photos and videos.

In order to avoid “cluttering” of the smartphone such data, the developers of these services offer to use a self-destructing files can be automatically deleted after a certain time. Recently this function has appeared in the popular messenger Viber.

Due to the innovation, users can now before clicking send message, to choose which photos and videos should be kept in the archive of correspondence Viber.

A new feature allows you to configure a timer for content, which is shared by the user. Senders can include removal pictures after one, three, seven or ten seconds. When the time has elapsed, the user who received the file will no longer be able to see them.

As for the video, now Viber introduced a feature that allows the recipient to view the video only once, after which he will permanently disappear.

These “secret messages” work with individual and group chats applications for Android and iOS.

Clearly more to learn about the self-destructing Viber messages, you can from the video:

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